Genital Hair Removal Tips

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Most people have tried to remove their pubic hair with varying degrees of success and intention. For those who have tried, many of them found themselves with razor burn, stubble or dare I say it, shaving nicks. Try these tips to have a better experience and result when trying to make your genitals more attractive.

Make a plan

Before you get to the shaving stage, have a plan of what you want to accomplish. Not having a plan may result in undesirable results. Sometimes scissors have a mind of their own and you may lose your way quickly.

All the trimmings

Before you find the razor, start with trimming what is there. You may find this is enough. Even if it's not enough, trimming the existing hair makes shaving easier. Be careful with scissors, as they can make nicks just like razors.

Added tip: Stand over the toilet while trimming to make clean up a breeze!


Shaving around your genitals is the hardest part of the body (especially for men) to tackle. To get closer than scissors may allow, you can use clippers. Only use clippers with a guard on. Standard clippers have generous space between the teeth that quickly cut sensitive tissues. The best ways to remove hair entirely is by standard shaving with cream and razor, or using a facial hair groomer. The shavers designed for trimming moustaches and the removal of ear and nasal hair are perfect for using on the genitals. The teeth on these clippers are very fine, and therefore are less prone to nicks.

Added tip: The tools that come with facial hair groomers are perfect for creating shapes with your pubic hair.

Added tip II: Warm water relaxes wrinkled skin.

Negotiating Depilatories

Depilatory creams are not to be used on your genitals. Don't take my word for it: read the instructions. For anyone who has not heeded the instructions (a younger me included), depilatory creams will burn the sensitive tissues of your genitals. It is O.K. to use these on your legs, and perhaps abdomen. Use at your own risk.

Changing the density or shape of your pubic hair can go a long way to make you feel sexier. Trimming back your hair can even make your genitals look larger if that is a concern. Try different designs to mix things up. Surprise your partner with a new playground for free! Some even say that bald is beautiful.

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