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Women have come a long way to make clear they know how to get pleasure from their bodies, and they won´t settle for a standard, passionless missionary intercourse. And now women all over the world can share their most treasured findings to reach the height of sexual glory along with your partner. Here is a selection of tips to make sure every single session in bed is deliriously steamy for both of you.

High school was not entirely a waste of time

Remember when you would set up rules with your first sweethearts? Touching each other down there would be all right, as long as clothes didn´t come off. Or maybe you would let him touch your breasts directly, but it had to be just a quick and discrete exploration beneath your bra. Well, that kind of mental torture, letting each other getting near but not as near as you are dying to get, can still work for an adult couple. If you linger around kissing and touching with your clothes fully on, the self-containment will later cause foreplay to be awesome: sensing each other skins will feel so right you´ll stimulate each other for quite a while before actually having intercourse or oral sex. And when the time comes, both your orgasms will be more than dazzling–hallucinatory.

The old Popsicle scheme is a myth

Ok, maybe just so you can both get to see the hot picture of his hard penis being sucked by your mouth, you should try that at one point of oral sex. But if you want to truly mesmerize and melt him down with pleasure, you should aim for the licking: his pole will respond to all sorts of strokes your tongue can give him. The more creative you get, the more different areas of his penis you will explore and stimulate in different ways, and the more tempted he will be to come inside your mouth. You may allow him to do so once in a while, if it´s ok for you, but make sure most times you save his super-hard erection to get nasty around other parts of your body.

Touch yourself

Yes, many articles advice that you should practice regular masturbation to know exactly the points that turn you on and the ones more receptive to heavy stimulation towards orgasms. What many women still don´t know, however, is that a man also feels incredibly turned on by a girl who is not afraid to touch herself in front of him. This has a simple explanation: he will not only find it hot that you choose to share your intimate moves with him; he will also be most grateful that you help him to reach the goal of getting you as many orgasms as you can experience each night.

It´s all in the breathing

Sex can be a spiritual experience, when both of you are in the right mood and the whole universe sets things up in the right way for that moment, but then again, it doesn´t happen very often. If you wait each time for the perfect occasion to make love, the sexual life you share with your partner faces the risk of withering away. Some days you´ll be better off having sex just for having sex: the corporal intimacy as a couple is really the thing that differentiates what you have from any other form of human relation. After you´re done, you´ll experience that sense of inner connection with him once again, a feeling only comes after seeing what you can share with him and with no one else.

So, if you don´t feel specially hot tonight, but the chance arises to have sex after you haven´t made it for a while, use your breathing to make yourself feel bothered: short, silent versions of moans to substitute your regular breaths can help turning a sparkles making out session into the right prelude to a night in bed together.

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