Working With Fetishes

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Fetishes range in extremity.

Generally those attracted to men sexualize the ultra masculine, and women the ultra feminine. It does not end there. Individual fetishes are cultivated over years and can take on many forms from the mundane to the bizarre. If a partner's fetish does arise, try to find appropriate ways for both of you to enjoy yourselves.


Partialism refers to a partner's sexual attraction to objects, situations or a particular part of the body. The foot fetish is considered the most common example of partialism. You may not share your partner's excitement by your feet, however, if you are not averse to letting them explore their fetish through you, it is something you can share.

Open dialogue

Sharing a fetish with a partner is an extremely personal action. Be open to hearing what your partner has to say without judgment. Be clear about your feelings on the fetish and what you may be able to do to help your partner achieve this. Do not agree to actions you are not comfortable with. Doing so may lead to disappointment on both sides.

Be a good sport

If you feel your partner's fetish is benign enough for you to participate in, do so! Remember that you are making your partner's fantasy come true, for perhaps the first time. Simple fetishes for lingerie or leather are easy to incorporate into most anyone's sexual play. You may find that you enjoy yourself more than your bargained for! If you cannot explore the fetish with your partner, be open to them exploring it through pornography.

Be careful

Bondage and sadomasochist activities require a high level of trust. Feel free to restrain your partner in any way they wish. Do be careful of the one nightstand who wishes to play these games. While in no way should these activities be linked to serial killers or murder, be careful of who you let restrain you.

Know when to cut the cord

If you are in a relationship with someone whose fetish has become extreme or dangerous, suggest they speak with a psychologist. It is no one's best interest to stay together if you are sickened by your male partner's wishes to dress like a female baby. Not everyone is compatible sexually, and it is no one's fault if this becomes the case.

Exploring your partner's fetishes can be a fun and exciting new adventure for both parties. Be open to hearing what your partner's fetishes without judging them. They may already carry shame for this. Let them know whatever the terms of exploring

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