Women and Foreplay

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You can do plenty of things to make sure both you and your man find all the prepping up to be wildly sexy, and not merely a prerequisite in the way to enjoying sex.

There is a simple reality that many couples tend to ignore when they ready themselves to have sex: a man also needs quite a few minutes of warm up if his intention is to have truly amazing sexual intercourse with you that particular night. There seems to be a general idea, like it is a completely accepted part of our culture, that the only thing a guy needs to jump straight into sex is a healthy erection. Well, the fact that his little pole is eager to explore your insides does not mean that his mind is equally prepared. Actually, a number of sexual researchers have suggested that untimely ejaculation is often a consequence of starting to copulate before the whole body is ready to approach such an intense activity.

Of course, the issue might sound more relevant in your case, because there might not even be an orgasm at all for women without the appropriate foreplay… but now that you are aware of how important this part of the process is for both of you, listen to these hints into making it a stunning favorite of yours, instead letting it be just a forceful beginning.

Aim for new grounds

Try to touch yourselves in different erogenous zones during each session, so there is never a fixed routine to expect. You´ll occasionally find that you hit an all-new spot, such as the first time he´ll caress with his tong that extremely sensitive stripe formed where your neck ends and your chin starts. You might as well surprising him by holding his testicles in one hand and stimulating them in subtle but audacious movements; the base of his shaft is also a point you can stroke sensually, since it is partially hidden by his testicles and is almost never taken into account by him.

Don´t stop caressing

While he is giving you oral sex, ask him to reach out one hand to cup one of your breasts. Take his hand occasionally and guide him into playing around you nipples. The feeling of flesh will excite him and keep him interested in doing his best down there. Try a similar thing while you are stimulating him, or arrange for a non-genital period to be explored: you can kiss the sensitive area that surrounds his groin, and he can concentrate on your neck and chest.

Give the old school a try

We said at the beginning that an erection is no sign which can make you say a man is ready for amazing sexual intercourse. However, an erection that has lasted for a really significant time can be the sign you are waiting for. Use a simple and foolproof tactic: a hand job is something any man will appreciate when coming from his partner. You can control his levels of excitement so he stays right in the hot zone without getting too aroused. Leave this for the final part of foreplay, when you are already excited enough; when you feel his buddy is hard as a rock, it´s time to take it to the bed and open the road for truly pleasurable penetration.

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