Why Foreplay Is So Important?

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 01:05 -- zena

It is a fact that men and women are not the same when it comes to arousal. While the thought of sex drives most men to be easily aroused, for women, it is not the same thing. Although women like the idea of making love or having sex with their partners, they also need a little help in the lubricating department.

For women, foreplay matter a lot but most men often neglect that and just move on to the real action. Because of this, some if not most women fake their orgasms so as to not disappoint their partners. But is foreplay really essential in bed? You might not agree to this if you are a man but unfortunately, the answer is a yes. Foreplay may sound only beneficial to women but in fact it is to men as well. It is said that a couple can climax better if they both reach the height of their undesirable passion first. We reach such a state when we indulge ourselves into foreplay. I am sure maximum sexual pleasure awaits you if you ever consider the use of this act before sex.

What is foreplay? Foreplay does not necessarily mean that two people need to have skin to skin action. Sometimes that is not the case. There are many forms of foreplay. From kissing to hugging to licking to fondling, nibbling, squeezing and touching, all these can be considered foreplay. Actually, anything that is considered sensual can be called foreplay. It is up to you to become more creative with it. Always remember that foreplay is done to mainly set the mood for your love making but mostly, to explore each others' bodies while having fun. Besides, foreplay is not Rocket Science. Anybody can do it. All that a person needs is an open and non judgmental mind. Never rush things for it will not help set the mood but rather ruin in. Nobody can say that someone is doing foreplay the wrong way for it is more of an experimental activity that partners can both get involved in.

Common misconceptions about foreplay include the fact that most men think that women use up most of their time and energy in foreplay when in reality, it is already the start of love making. It just takes longer for women to get in the mood most of the time. Another misconception is that men know when to stop foreplay on the exact time that their partners want them to. Sometimes communicating with your partner is the best way to do it. Foreplay is a fun and healthy activity that both men and women should enjoy. It is not a tedious task that one needs to get over it just to have sex with someone. Oral stimulation helps improve a couple's arousal twice as much.

There are many ways of how one can give their partner extreme sensations. Most of the time we just need to be more creative with it. Some couples choose to savor foreplay thus they take things slow with it. Trying to stay dressed as long as they can as they try to seduce each other by merely doing things that they know can arouse their partners is already enough to set the mood. One must know when and how to set the mood. The art of foreplay takes a lot of practice. If you wish to be an expert in the art, you should learn to be able to handle your desire more. Never jump your partner in bed right away without giving him/her a little taste of heaven first. I can assure you that there is no better way to kick start your love making than this. So why not try it with your partner. I am sure if you satisfy your partner then he/she will do the same for you.

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