Where to touch your guy

Where to touch your guy - Part 2

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If you already started reading the first round of advices to become the best lover your partner could have dreamt of, just continue reading to take it a notch further!

With all the information out there about sex, women can't think anymore that their partner's sensitiveness is limited to the genital area. Quite on the opposite hand, if you only stimulate your partner's penis and testicles, he will have a much weaker orgasm than if you learn to activate his whole body during sexual activity. So, then, there isn't any time to waste: let's get on finding more masculine hotspots to work at.

Achilles' weakness

You have most likely heard the story of the tragic Greek hero: his only vulnerable point was the spot nearby his heel, that had failed to be covered by the waters of invincibility at the river in which his mother submerged him to assure his protection. We can't be sure the Greeks knew about the sexual receptiveness in the area located precisely between the heel and the ankle of a man, but this is certainly the modern version of a weakness that will make any men surrender completely to you in bed. Whenever you have the chance, start intercourse on top of him, with your face and arms directed to his feet: he will have the visual incitement of your back moving up and down, and you'll be free to massage below his ankles with firm tips; a simple technique to guarantee you another round of ecstatic gratitude.

Most men will have serious doubts before suggesting you to explore the region between the base of their testicles and their anus. Go deeper between his legs

Most men will have serious doubts before suggesting you to explore the region between the base of their testicles and their anus; moreover, it's rather likely that they have never explored the area by themselves. More and more people are becoming now aware of the fact that precisely around that middle point there is a spot known as the perineum, that when pressed will directly push the prostate gland and therefore stimulate the whole internal structure of men genitalia. If you press that point of his at any time during sex, your guy will not only experience a harder erection, but also a considerably larger orgasm if you touch him exactly on the brink of peeking.

Palms and shaft

Show your guy that you can use your hands better than he usually does at stroking his penis, simply by taking advantage of the excitement that comes with an unusual move: instead of using your whole hand, palms included, in the classic stroking motion, form two rings with the index and thumb of your both hands. Then start sliding them along his shaft, in opposite directions so they meet somewhere in the middle. The feeling will be incredible for him, and if you just want to get him right into the verge of heart attack, tell him to stretch his palms to a short distance from your face, so you can run your lips sensually over them. The combined sensation will keep him wanting to find more ways to please you just as much.

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