Where to touch your guy

Where to touch your guy - Part 1

Tue, 02/28/2012 - 22:41 -- amber

Men usually need help at identifying their hot spots: they can barely tell what is it that makes some sexual journeys more rewarding than others, but you can find out for him… and completely stun him in bed!

Perhaps it has something to do with the easiness with which they can manipulate their sexual organ; men usually masturbate by stroking their penis and… well, that's the end of the road for the average guy. A man will find almost every time that it is jolly simple to obtain an orgasm from rubbing the shaft and head of his member, and he won't go exploring other (very) important part of his body. Then again, you can show him he is lucky to have you: by getting to know his most sensitive areas, you'll be able to lead him into a new path of pleasure. You might just teach him how to experience an orgasm with his whole body, and he will be screaming loud his thankfulness if this happens.

The golden point beneath the lip

A tiny line, loaded with nervous terminals, hides in the descending curve that connects his lower lip to the top section of his chin. During foreplay, any caresses directed to his particular zone will send shivers down his spine, and even when you are just kissing, you can also use this spot to incredibly arouse him in a public place and make him want you badly: just suck his lower lip gently inside your mouth, and lick this curve of skin with your tongue. We can guarantee you'll notice a bulge in his pants shortly afterwards.

Men do not believe in general their breasts are an erogenous area (well, he surely likes yours better) Sometimes frontal is ok

In movies, and perhaps in our general imagination, kissing the sides of your lover's neck seems incredibly sexy. Well, of course it indeed is like that, and it's most likely an image you will want to recreate occasionally with the guy you're in love with. But if it comes to getting the most of plain sexual stimulation, it is to his Adam's apple that you want to direct your attention. A gentle kiss will be stimulating enough, but if you're in the middle of intense foreplay, or intercourse, you can try licking this area in circles, in a moderately wild mood. He will choke with excitement.

Nip a nipple

Men do not believe in general their breasts are an erogenous area (well, he surely likes yours better). But precisely because they are not used to stimulation around their nipples, they tend to be highly responsive to it. Try this once with your guy: make him lie on his back and start kissing his torso, moving slowly to his upper chest. When you are near enough his nipples, start sucking bits of skin with passionate kisses and finally surround the very spot licking in circular motions: it will be vaguely like eating some ice-cream, except your men will be melting in a complete different way.

Stay tuned to read the second delivery of these subtle techniques that will make your guy think your touch in bed is plainly magic.

Where to touch your guy - Part 2

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