When Men Talk About It

When Men Talk About It

Mon, 02/20/2012 - 21:56 -- amber

Find out some things they love their partners to do; you will find some of them weren't obvious at all once you've read these hints!

There is a really interesting selection of female sexuality reports that all men should read, in order to better understand how is that a woman sees and experiences pleasure. If you are a woman who is interested in having a better sex life you should seek this out and find a couple of those books for your guy to read. Of course, he'll be more willing to invest some time in looking through them if you demonstrate first how useful it is to learn from real sex confessions. Here we have prepared for you a quick review of some hints collected from a different range of men: check them out and see which ones you fancy trying on your guy!

Horny phone calls

What?, you might be asking yourself as you read, and we have to agree phone sex isn't the more sophisticated resource out there. But men are highly driven by basic instincts; even if he doesn't admit it openly, he might be incredibly grateful to receive a call from you at work, where you merely moan sexually and say you can't wait to have him in bed that night. If he seems a bit more energetic when night comes, you'll know it works for him.

Don't always lose the clothes

Some men share a taste for playing around while you still have your lingerie on. Ask you guy to go through foreplay without removing your most private clothes… then surprise him by getting on top and thrusting his penis inside you by making just enough room through your lingerie. It may color the night with that extra bit of fantasy for him.

Be a challenge, not a complete mystery

Any man loves a complex woman, but he might lose faith if he thinks your attitude is just a bit too complicated. This is a subtle hint that depends on your own sense of situations, but we advise in general that you don't indulge him into sex whenever he wants it, but don't act either as if the time is never right.

Wet surprise

This one is definitely a fantasy for a lot of guys. If you walk stealthily into his shower and start giving him a hand job he'll be so turned on he might go the the extra mile to pleasure you afterwards.

A soft start

If both of you are keen on oral sex, try a slight variation of it: get his penis into your mouth before he is hard. The feeling of a growing erection in your mouth can be extremely hot for your partner and, quite probably, you as well.

Play with toys

Some men do not like that you get a vibrator into bed along with him, but others might find it quite sexy and will appreciate the extra help to keep you stimulated at all times. So never discard an idea for your guy; if you sense it is too daring, then talk about it before you actually give it a try -though most times it is ok to surprise him: he won't be sure about it at first, so he'll feel the first-time excitement, and after you've experienced you'll be more in a situation to decide whether it's something you want to do again.

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