What To Do When Size Gets On The Way

Mon, 01/16/2012 - 23:45 -- amber

Is there such a thing as penis too small to give pleasure?

This question tends to linger inside men´s mind much longer than it should. The truth is most concerns about size are merely a part of the feeling “I don´t know if it´s big enough to be proud about it”, and for those cases ego really should be casted aside.

Even if you-or your partner-are definitely insecure about penis size, the first step to approaching the issue is keeping in mind that sex is not only about penetration. Good sex is messy and not focused in just one area, so do pay attention to all your body and you will find there are a lot of ways to give and share pleasure.

Orgasms and a couple more details

Yes, we know the plot, hard-rock erection penetrates a woman´s vagina and she reaches the utter heights of excitement and pleasure in a few minutes. Orgasms are great, but they do not just happen around a big penis doing magic. Keep this few extra ingredients into account if you truly want to experience great sex:

  • Be passionate, explore and don´t settle. Excitement is key to have a steamy session with your partner any day of the year.
  • Use lubricant and make it oral. Many women reach their most pleasant orgasms through oral stimulation, so be sure to give it a try. A good alternative is for the man to rub the head of the penis against her clitoris: a tantalizing, sensual movement to flare the excitement up.
  • Don´t be afraid of toys. A small, bullet-shaped vibrator can be a dear ally to both as it keeps a steady stimulation near her clitoris and takes some pressure of his shoulders.
  • Use your legs! Picture the scene: you have gone through loads of extremely enticing foreplay, you both feel dizzy with excitement, and you just can´t wait to give penetration a shot. She is lying on her back, and he embraces her face-to-face. His penis is making some of its best moves inside, trying to rock his partner into a sweet orgasm. If you really need to count on some more deepness that his size allows you to have, a simple embrace of her leg around his waist will lift the woman´s inner third of the vagina and allow both to enjoy more vigorous stimulation.

The above are just a few examples. As the first tip states: don´t settle and keep looking for more hot tips to heighten your pleasure: it comes in many ways, you know.

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