What ALL Men Want Out of Sex

Mon, 01/30/2012 - 22:12 -- amber

It is very obvious that all men really want is sex. They want sex on the floor, on the bed, in the car or just anywhere. But what is unobvious, are the things men want that go unspecified that they never mention. There are several sexual desires all men have but haven't necessarily told you.

First and foremost, men want sex to be fun. They don't want it to be some exhausting workout that you feel like you HAVE to do. Men want to know that they are pleasuring you and that you are enjoying it. If they didn't want sex to be fun, then all men would own a blow-up doll.

This rule also applies to the little embarrassing moments that happen during sex. If someone makes an awkward noise, or a position doesn't work out, laughter is always the cure to this situation. Men want girls to be able to laugh and have a good time during sex, not be self conscious about the noise they just made.

Men also want you to give them a little guidance about what you want out of your sexual experience. They don't want you to yell commands, they want just little hints of stuff that you like so they can make sure they give you the most pleasurable experience possible.

Sex can become routine, and soon you will feel like you have done missionary four thousand times. It's important to mix up the positions during sexual intercourse. Don't do the same thing, every single time. Men also want you to try new things, so surprise him with a crazy move that will have him thinking about you all day.

Lastly, men want YOU to be in control sometimes. This is something all men love in a woman. Sometimes let them lay back and you do all the work — maybe he will reward you a little in return. Regardless, there are many things men won't tell you that they want, so surprise them and please them with some of these moves.

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Amber Hoffman

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