Warning! 7 Lies All Women Tell Men

Sat, 08/18/2012 - 12:10 -- maiya

I am fine

Women are always bequeathed with veneration and glory but don’t forget that this adorable deity has its own ways to control your mind by their self-possessed diplomacy! Brace your mind for a midnight delight if the girl says I’m fine! Remember this is the red alert for all the guys to renounce their self-esteem in order to bring out her real emotions. The moment these words are spurted out, this is the time when she feels the worst about something that has deceptively hurt her.

I don't want you to change

When a woman pledges that she would never want you to change at all, be very vigilant about her intentions! A different food would definitely be cooking in her mind simultaneous to the very situation. In reality, she would endeavor to do everything possible that would latch your personality according to her own desires.

Her sex chronicles

As much as women amplify about good things happening around them, more they understate when it comes about the dreadful proceedings! This certainly includes number of boyfriends and of course, number of times they have had sex with other guys. Do not always underestimate women when it comes to sex chronicles. Always remember the rule, multiply the number stated by all women by at least two and follow this rule till the eternity!

Size does not matter

Certainly, never ever believe a woman when she says size doesn’t really matter. Well size does matter to every woman once they lose their celibacy. This lie is often spoken by women in case of serious relationships but you never know when the size triggers her treachery!

Best sex ever

People tend to used phrases which are generally passionate and flaming especially at times of fiery moments. Telling one’s boyfriend I’ve had the best sex ever is in turn as unconcealed lie, specially saying it right after the intercourse.

Simple hand out

Never get deceived by a woman’s word. They say what is utterly opposite in their mind! If the woman says I have no issues with your female friends, it’s high time to raise white flags for peace. When a woman says she doesn’t, she’s trying to convey her livid intentions towards your doings. The most possessive of the women trying to depict an image of a cool girlfriend normally come up with these lie. But when you actually hang out with your female friends, you’re simply doomed!

Be prepared

Men should always be prepared to deal girls who claim money really doesn’t matter to me. Well, the matter of the fact is that money is important for a good livelihood anyway. Women, in such cases usually lie to boost up their partner’s buoyancy.

Women are one of the most difficult creations of God to understand. Yet, life without them is impossible to envisage. They lie, they cheat and yet they are the ones responsible for bringing happiness even in the darkest hour! Love women and they will be the most loyal beings on the Earth!

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