Top 10 Things to Do with a Naked Man

Sat, 06/09/2012 - 21:22 -- kylerichtig

The naked man is a gift with many possibilities. Here are some creative tips on how to use your naked man.

Do not feel that this in any way is an exhaustive list.

10. Lock him outside of the house

This is specifically for men who have wronged you. Invite this individual over for sex, and get him outside once he is naked. If possible, have an air horn available by the window to alert the neighbours of his whereabouts.

9. Draw on him

Use a marker or paints to draw on your naked man's body. This is a sensual addition to foreplay.

8. Give him a massage

Massage is another sensual foreplay idea. The added bonus is stress relief. Use massage oil if available.

7. Take pictures

If the sight of your naked man turns you on, and he is agreeable, take pictures. You will be able to enjoy them when you are alone.

6. Try a hat toss

If your naked man is playful, get him aroused. Have him stand across the room and try to toss a baseball cap onto his member. Make your own rules. Maybe you won't be able to have sex until you reach 10 successful throws.

5. Cover in whipped cream

Spray or spread whipped cream on your naked man. Enjoy with strawberries, or simply straight from the source.

4. Surprise him in the shower

Naked men often enjoy sexual surprises. The shower is the perfect place to surprise your partner with a liaison. Try not to jump in on pre-work showers when their minds might be otherwise focused.

3. Put a mask on him

Sometimes the naked man you have in front of you would look better with a mask. It's a fact. Perhaps you would rather imagine you are with a different lover this night. Done.

2. Let him take the lead

It's likely that a man that is already naked, they may have had some plans of their own. If you are not accustomed to being submissive in sex, give it a try. You may be surprised what can happen when you are not in control.

1. Get on top of him If you have a naked man, don't let the opportunity escape you. Get on top of him and make sure you get what you want.

Having a naked man to play with is a chance to get creative. Do not immediately jump to having sex with your naked man, unless needed. Try different ways to extend your pleasure and get more use out of your naked man.

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