Tips to Keep Your Sex Life Fresh

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 08:58 -- jcartwright

It’s always a little depressing when you realize that you’ve reached that “I’d rather eat chocolate” moment. In an instant you realize that you’re not quite as randy as you once were… and somehow, somewhere along the line, something has gone out of you. Once you were ready anytime, anywhere to leap out of your cloths… these days you feel like cuddling and watching a movie?

What happened? What changed? Is this inevitable? In all relationships, you can’t expect the zest of first contact to last forever. That said: there are a few things you can do so that you don’t find yourself spending all weekend watching Turner Classics and munching on Godiva bars.

Well obviously, experiment

This is a frequent problem, in reality. Many people never try new things in bed and then wonder why when the day comes and they don’t feel so motivated anymore. Trying new things is the easiest thing you can do to add some spice back into your sex life. You can do it anytime, without too much effort. Some people like to watch a dirty flic together for inspiration, other people get their creative juices flowing on their own; it hardly matters what you do so long as this time you bring something new to the bed. And of course, discuss. It’s important to know what each of you is interested in exploring and if there are any lines you refuse to cross.


This may seem counterintuitive. Next time you get the urge and begin to cast lustful glances in the direction of the king/queen of your heart, don’t do anything. Kiss them, tell them they’re hot like chilies in the desert sun and think how much you’d love to jump there bones. Then don’t. Go back to reading your book, watching your show or doing the dishes. Turn it into a game. Who can resist the longest? This adds something of the original sexual tension back into the air and you might be surprised how hot things get next time you get down to business.

A variation

Some people prefer to set a date. This seems like a not very spontaneous thing to do and this might take the romance out of it for some people. But for others, this is an excellent idea. By abstaining for a couple of days, your sex drive builds. You begin to find yourself looking forward to the day with anticipation. Before you know it your hurt is a flutter like it was at your first kiss.

Visit the Lingerie Store

People underestimate the power of a good sexy outfit. Take a trip to the lingerie store together. Have your man pick out a few things. Try them on. Model them for him. Let him help you in and out of them. Next time you’re in the mood, slip on something he picked out and meet him at the door.

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