The subtle secret of lasting longer in bed

The subtle secret of lasting longer in bed – Part 1

Mon, 02/20/2012 - 22:48 -- amber

Almost every man fantasizes with the idea of keeping an erection for hours while his partner has a limitless series of orgasms. It's not completely impossible…

These lines will have probably caught your eye for the possibilities it offer. If we told you we have a foolproof method to last 2 complete hours having intercourse, you'd probably give us an eager “Where do I sign?” for an answer. Well, you don't have to sign anything because you'll read enough of what you want to know in this article, but first it is necessary that you are aware of three important traits of really long love-making sessions.

First of all, you have to ask yourself: do I have the time to take advantage of what I learn? You'd better think this seriously, because even if an ideal love life should involve plenty of time to enjoy your sexuality, if you can just spare a couple of hours weekly to share with your partner, then the whole learning process really won't be worth the effort.

Then there comes a second, equally crucial question: do I have the time to learn and the commitment to train daily? The techniques described in this article involve a process that can last for several months, and you must have power of will to keep going despite the initial lack of results and the great deal of patience that the whole thing requires.

The third and final preliminary question is about your partner. Do you know her well enough to assure that a prolonged intercourse will give her pleasure? Don't get this the wrong way; every woman feels a cherished and valuable sensation when you thrust your penis inside her vagina, but several women do not have powerful orgasms as a consequence of penetration. Maybe 15 minutes of intercourse is enough for her to feel the intimate bond between you two, and it is in oral sex on what you should focus to make sure she has mesmerizing orgasms.

Of course, even if you've found out that your partner does not particularly enjoy copulation, you still might want to learn how to keep an erection for a long time –it is rather advisable so you can experience explosive orgasms while you are being masturbated by your partner or stimulating on your own.

Finally, the big trick

All what a man needs to do in order to enjoy long erections without running straight into orgasm, is learning how to control ejaculation reflex. You probably can't say exactly what this reflex is, but you certainly have experienced it: it happens when you are being stimulated, you get really aroused and sense the proximity of an orgasm, and then it comes a precise point in which you notice a kind of a trigger (somewhere down your testicles) which tells you ejaculation is coming and you can't do anything to stop it.

This moment is also known as the Point of No Return, for obvious reasons. The curious thing is this point fixes down in men's mind as a synonym for an orgasm, when the orgasmic mechanism actually initiates a millisecond before. Sexual researchers found a while ago that if a man could learn to stop arousal during that millisecond, they would be able to experience an orgasm without ejaculating. Some controversy built around this conclusion: yes, evidence suggested it was possible for a man to be multi-orgasmic, but who could prove this beyond theory?

The first proof came when a large-scale clinical interview was conducted to ask men whether they had ever been conscious of the minimal separation between the start of an orgasm and the ejaculation reflex. And they finally found some men who provided some fantastic new information: an extremely rare group of individuals showed they could control their ejaculation reflex because they had started masturbating so early that the reflex was still not fully developed –some were so young that their sperm production hadn't even set off. Were researchers able to extract conclusions from these experiences, and outline a method which allows any man to control his ejaculation reflex?

Yes, they did. Please read about it in The Subtle Secret of Lasting Longer In Bed – Part 2

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