The Subtle Secret of Lasting Longer In Bed – Part 3

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If you read about the method to control your levels of arousal so you can stop ejaculatory reflex just in time, it's time for you to check this alternative, even subtler method

The reason we called the learning process described in the second part of this article the “Western” method, is because there is a certain consumer-focused air about it: the method deals with multiple orgasms as if they were an item you could regularly purchase merely by pushing the PC muscle at the right time. Several men have succeeded at mastering this technique, but others find it too stressful, since there indeed is a degree of pressure involved in keeping track of your arousal. You can take a look at this alternative method and see which one works best for you.

The “eastern” method

We do not pretend to introduce you into Taoist philosophy, but there is a small element of it which you can use in a simplified manner: orgasms as a whole body experience. Ancient Chinese monks believed that there is a bioelectric energy running inside all of us (now that we know about how nerves carry orders from our brain, it doesn't sound illogical at all), and the called it chi. Now, there is a very particular kind of it which is of sexual nature, or ching-chi, which is more volatile and leads to an orgasm when it concentrates in the genital area.

According to this belief, the violent explosion of sexual energy results in ejaculation, since it is such a great release of energy what allows your seed to fecund an ovule, and initiate another life. Therefore, all the times in which you wish to have sex just for fun, it wouldn't be advisable to ejaculate as it involves a huge and unnecessary drain of energy.

Next time you feel aroused, try and identify that slightly tangy sensation which builds up in your groin and is associated with desire. Then breathe deeply and try to mentally carry it away to your torso or your legs, so it is dispersed along your body instead of concentrated in a single spot.

Once you have learnt to feel this kind of energy flowing through your nerves, you can mix this ability with the technique of identifying your levels of arousal. Except this time it should be easier for you to play about the higher levels without jumping into ejaculation, since your sexual energy won't be just confined to your genitals. Some men describe the possibility of reaching multiple orgasms through this method as “increasing energy until it reaches a top level of excitement in every point of your body, and you experience then spasms of pleasure which are less intense but more satisfactory than those focused in the genital area”.

If you have tried both methods but still haven't managed to make significant progress, be patient and think about consulting more complete guides. Detailed books on the topic are available at specialized bookshops. If you feel that no matter how much you read you don't seem to be getting close to understanding the process, please remember that not every man possess the natural learning curve to become multi-orgasmic, so it is better to approach these exercises without expecting more than having fun. Even if you don't learn the subtle art of experiencing multiple orgasms, by the time your practice is over you will have gained a great control of your arousal, you'll impress your partner with rock hard erections and she'll surely consider you a better lover.

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