The Perfect Foreplay

Sun, 07/15/2012 - 15:02 -- maiya

The perfect relationship not only includes keeping each other happy materialistically or mentally but it demands intimacy as well. Being physically attached to your partner helps making your relationship get better and stronger. Intimacy does not only mean having sex but also things triggering the couple to have the ferocious moment.

For many couples, having sex is the ultimate goal of their lives but honestly, the slower it is the better it gets. Consider it the universal rule to have amazing and prolonged foreplay before you get inside your partner. This would not only create the whole excitement for you but would also give you the ardent effect of divinity. To begin with, the perfect foreplay commences with either discovering each other’s body or with a body massage. This would definitely send chills up your spine and would make you lose your senses. However, losing senses doesn’t really mean to right away start having sex with your partner. Perfect foreplay really tests your patience and the end result is truly fruitful. Waiting for the right moment to have your partner to make love with them is a whole new experience one gets after they have had foreplay.

You being naked in front of your partner is definitely the best treat for them. This would tantalize him and would make him want to explore you for the longest time ever. Try seducing him and teasing him to make him go crazier till he manages to take you however he wants.

Rushing in bed would probably spoil the mood. Taking everything slowly and serenely would make you both more excited to want each other. However, the foreplay should not begin only a couple of minutes before having sex. Sending each other erotic text messages and turning each other on through phone calls and text messages would be a better option. Using explicit stuff during the foreplay would increase the level of anxiety. Using strawberries or icing the body to give shivering for a sizzling effect.

Craving to get inside your loved one’s body is lesser a pleasure than having an amazing foreplay. Fellatio and cunnilingus are the most important element to turn one’s partner on. Giving your man a blow with all your heart and giving them the pleasure of the whole universe in couple of minutes would make your man love you even more enhancing the fiery moment. Likewise, the best way to turn a girl on is to go down on her and fondling her most intimate assets with love and affection.

Making one turned on to have sex with them is something amazing that everyone longs for. But for some, having foreplay is merely a waste of time. However, having sex would never be that amazing experience to have if had it without foreplay. Foreplay does not only stimulate you and your partner’s desire to have each other but also changes the whole mood letting you inside a complete new vast world of seduction.

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Maiya Hashmi