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Bored with the usual techniques that you have been doing in bed?

Then why not spice it up a little by changing things up. Learning new sexual positions might sound a little odd to those who are conservative enough but that doesn't mean that everyone should be so reserved about it.

The doggy style is probably one of the most favorable positions to both men and women. Although some women might need some warming up to the idea of making love with face to face contact, in the end they would get used to it and start liking it.

The most conventional version of the technique is to let the woman be on all fours bending over in front of the man as he inserts his erect penis inside her wet vagina. The man will then hold on to the woman's waist as he starts to move forward as he goes in and out of her.

Other direct variations include a standing doggy style, where the woman bends over half way, her weight being supported by a chair or anything stable enough for her weight while the man stands behind her and inserts his penis inside of her as she keeps her legs as far apart as possible, and another one is where the woman rests her chest on the bed but her knees are on the floor. It doesn't matter which variation one uses, what matters most is that all are enjoyable to both. With the proper rhythm, both can achieve an orgasm in unison. Who wouldn't want that?

Unfortunately, sometimes such a technique may be challenging for certain people. Which is why here are some helpful tips for you. As you get into a typical doggy stance, make sure that your woman keeps her legs closed as your open yours around them. Make sure she arches her back and leans on her hands rather than leaning down and resting on her elbows on whatever surface you happen to be on. To help her maintain the said stance, be sure to wrap your hand around her hair and give it a occasional tug as you are doing the deed. While penetrating her, embracing her or giving her spine a little rubbing might be helpful. If your woman ends up to be extremely shorter than you then doing it doggy style might not be a great idea. Her torso should be parallel to the surface. If you really want to do this with someone smaller than you then you can either make sure that she will be in a surface that will be leveled to you when you kneel down or stand up, that way her body is can be parallel to the surface while it doesn't strain you to crouch too low just to reach her g-spot.

The key to a perfect doggy style is balance. Because if you do not have one then you will just end up falling down on top of your partner. Be careful not to thrust too quickly immediately. It is always best to maintain the right rhythm whenever you do this style so that it would be more relaxing and enjoyable for you and your partner. Now that you know more varieties to this technique, you will probably have a better grasp of the technique than anyone else. The only thing that you need to do now is to apply it. Always remember that the penetration isn't the only thing that matters in making love, what matters most is that you and your partner both enjoy it. That is what matters the most.

The rear entry family of sexual positions is the newest addition to the site. It is now a combination of two sex position classics: The Doggystyle and the Spooning families.

These positions are the best and most comfortable among all sexual positions because it gives both partners an easier access to the genitalia and the angle of penetration for these kinds of positions is perfect to hit the prostate glands of the giving partner and the g-spots of the receiving end.

Doggy Style

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