Some Sex Advice You Should Listen to If You Are a Woman

Sun, 01/22/2012 - 00:23 -- amber

You must know your sexuality is quite different from a man´s, but that´s no reason to prevent you and your partner from being as one in bed.

There is often a general sense of frustration when men, and even women, try to understand the way in which female pleasure works. It all comes from a simple fact that should not be overlooked: many women can´t experience an orgasm easily every time they have sex, but they still feel pressured to do so. The truth is having sex in a relationship is not always about reaching the orgasm (even men of a certain age might have trouble getting there), but if you don´t push yourself to reach it forcefully there are more chances to get it in a natural way.

You should keep in mind that as a woman your complete body is a source of pleasure, and your skin as a whole acts as a sexual organ when you are in bed. Men tend to forget about this because they generally get their sensations focused in a tiny part of their bodies (although of course in their minds it´s a really big part!). You should make your partner aware of the fact that in a woman´s body every single nerve terminal is receptive to sexual caresses. Get to know yourself and those parts of your body which make you feel sexier and excited: tell your man to touch you there. A very famous sexologist, Shere Hite, showed in her reports of female sexuality that some women can reach an orgasm with the mere stimulation of their nipples!

Legs are very sensitive in most cases, but you need to see what works best for you. Lie on your back and touch your thighs, your inner arms, and every single spot that might send slight waves of pleasure all the way up to your brain. Then do the same when your man´s in bed with you.

You might also have heard about the so-frequently-mentioned G Spot. It is a tiny, rounded point inside your vagina that is especially sensible to stimulation. It has about the size of a pea, and you can find it if you touch the outer wall of your vagina around one inch inside it.

And also keep in mind that if the nipples worked for some of the woman who participated in Hite´s report, it does not have to be a universal truth. Some women are more sexually receptive in the area above their breasts which extends into the neck. Ask your partner to kiss you passionately while exploring this zone with his mouth, and both of you will probably enjoy the sensual interaction.

Finally, pay attention to your brain. Brain is also a sexual organ, although men sometimes forget about it (if they are really horny they will kind of put their brain to sleep!). But you can ask your partner to flirt with you, to whisper dirty words into your ear, or whatever makes you feel wanted. If he connects with your emotions you´ll have a great time!

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