Some Mistakes Men Tend to Overlook In Bed

Sun, 01/22/2012 - 22:57 -- amber

You think you could be a better lover for your woman? Well, that's the right attitude! Here we'll give you some ways to make it happen.

As men we grow in difficult terms with sexuality: we are not expected to enjoy it from our early adolescence, and yet we are in touch with sex every single day! Sometimes that causes us to be shy about asking the things we don't know. And many years later, in can drive us into making mistakes when engaging in sexual action with our partners. Here are a few wrong practices that we should be aware of in order to put a big smile in our girl's face.

Listen to her

Men are traditionally raised to be quite stubborn and confident of their ways, but if there is a place where you definitely need to listen to female knowledge it's in bed, when your girl chooses to communicate any impression on how things are going. If she says something that might vaguely look like a piece of advice, just follow it. You have been told that foreplay is very important for a woman, but if you are not sure of what truly excites her make sure to ask about it. Quite a number of ladies are rather timid, so be kind and invite her to thrust you with whatever is crossing her mind.

Keep it clean

Yes, we know sex it's great and you almost can't say no to it when the chance is open for you to grab it. But there are certain times of the day – when you haven't brushed your teeth, when you were just thinking of getting in the shower – at which you may not present the best image of yourself to your partner. For women sex is very emotional, so the way to start action with the right foot is to show that you care about each intimate moment and that you've taken some time to be “nice and tidy” for the event.

Don't turn your voice off

Unless you can provide your woman with crazy, passionate sex each night (which is rather impossible because you can't be both in the mood for that) there's got to be more noise in bed beside the stereotypical moans of pleasure. Listen to what you are feeling at the moment, and be receptive to how your girl is feeling, and then say any words that reassure her you really enjoy having sex with her. If you are both horny it can all be about banging and screwing – or as far as you choose to go with dirty talk – and it the atmosphere is rather tender you can go for the option of whispering sweet compliments right into her ear.

The ideas above are very limited, but they are a starting point to show your partner how much your care and that you are aware there is a room for improvement. If you do it well you'll soon both learning to increase each other's excitement up to the point of mind-blowing sex.

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Amber Hoffman

I am writer and editor at Bedroom Stories online magazine, writing about sexual relationships and better understanding our lives. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]