Simple Tricks On How to Arouse Your Man - Part 1

Fri, 04/27/2012 - 03:02 -- zena

All women want their partners to remain interested in them. This is why stimulating their partners is an essential part of their personal lives. So how can we keep the flame of passion burning in a relationship?

Simple. Here are some tricks that even a beginner can follow.

Every man has a fantasy

Let's face it. Sometimes men fantasize about other women but that doesn't mean that they do not love us. It is only natural for men to be attracted to beautiful women. So why not make his fantasies come alive? How? If your partner has a fetish for nurses or for nuns, then, why not surprise him one night by dressing up as a nurse or a nun? I am sure that would really set the mood for a wild night. Always remember to stay in character, no matter what.

Be naughty for him when he's far away

Most men like it when women talk dirty to them. So why not do it by sending him messages or emails about your sexual encounters together. Mix it up a little but suggesting if not, telling him what you intend to do to him next time. Never forget to add an incentive to make sure the tease factor becomes unbearable. Tell him what you will be wearing when he comes home or perhaps tell him where you plan to have sex with him next time. I'm sure he will come running home after that.

Be his personal naked chef

Why not surprise your man when he comes home to you by being ready to become his buffet of sorts? How can you do this? Take a shower before he arrives then prepare some edible things that you can put on your body for him to eat. It can be ice cream, whipped cream, peanut butter, icing, strawberries or chocolate. The choice is up to you. In the end, you can also do the same to him if he is willing to be your naked chef as well.

These three tips can be more helpful to those who know how to be creative with them. If these tips have not been effective for you, you do not need to worry for there will be more coming soon. If you are adventurous and want a night filled with pleasure then why not try these tips to help you get what you want tonight.

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