Simple things to get him going - Part 2

Sat, 05/12/2012 - 00:46 -- amber

Your guy does want to have you constantly sprouting up in his mind, but sometimes he needs a little help from your part to stir up the bolts and gears of his romantic self.

We have seen so far that there´s no need to put on a big show in order to spark his attraction to you; it´s the things you can do as you walk through regular life, what can make your guy utterly grateful and turned on about you.

Of course, your daily life and your interaction as couple will have many particularities that make you stand out from other cases, and thus some of these ideas will appeal to you as more natural and easy to carry out. We hope most of these suggestions prove their effectiveness, or trigger even more ideas you can apply to the most intimate peculiarities of your relationship.

Right then, on with the ideas!

Mark your territory

A very old and yet very useful thing to keep in mind about men, is that they like to play games. And if you play by tantalizing him under the table with your foot, it´s the only true kind of sport that he´ll never want to miss. It doesn´t take more than what you can do with complete discretion: simply run the front of your foot (or your inner calf) up and down his leg. Be playful as well with your tiptoes as you caress him, and you´ll leave him wanting to do so much more with your legs.

Surprise him with your lighter version

Who says you need to wear anything beside your dress (or your coat, for that matter). If you go out to dinner with him one evening, and wait for an unexpected moment to announce that you´re completely au naturel underneath the only piece of clothing you have on, he´ll be awestruck. He won´t be able to stop looking at you for the rest of the night, and his jaws will remain slightly open by the mere weight of the sensuality surrounding the situation.

The cautious exhibitionism

Some men are extremely reserved about their sexuality, and expressing your love openly in public might not suit them well; but of them would not resist to a provocative movement that goes undetected by everyone else in the room. Grasping his groin quickly under the table; brushing your breast against his arm while he holds you walking down the street; saying something nasty in your ear with a terribly serious look, so all witnesses think she´s speaking a completely appropriate message. Try any of these one of these days: he´ll be completely lost in the rush of his sex drive.

Kiss his hand

It´s not something that only medieval knights or French gentlemen do: girls should kiss their men´s hands much more often, since there is an incredible degree of sensitivity in the area. First press your lips against the palm, then against the back of his hand; linger around the fingers with gentle glimpses of your tongue, before moving down to the wrist. Pretend to be taking his pulse while you breath hotly into his skin: we can guarantee you´ll feel the pulse effectively raising.

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