Simple Things To Get Him Going

Tue, 05/01/2012 - 20:47 -- amber

It´s not all about what you do in bed: you can send your guy to unexplored heights of attraction towards you, and it doesn´t take more than the right attitude to get inside his thoughts.

Here´s a little secret that is actually not so much of a secret: men love to be in love. Of course, if you have been in a relationship for a long time you might have some trouble reminding how was it like when your guy acted terribly romantic around you… but (and here´s the part that might surprise you) he keeps a perfect memory of those times.

How does this happen? Well, he wishes he could go back to feeling butterflies in his stomach by merely standing next to you, but the truth is being in love can´t guarantee a lifetime of winged feelings inside him. Your partner can still love you deeply, but after a while novelty runs out and as a couple you submerge into a shared (yet still boring) routine. He´d love to get back to his romantic and altered version, but since he has no idea of he can achieve that, it´s on your hands to help him feel completely crazy about you once more. This routine at first only affects details that belong to everyday´s minor gestures: he might no longer do a stealth walk behind your back to kiss you, or buy you flowers every weekend. However, sex life can go on regularly for a while: you can forget about common things in bed and reserve all the fun to improvise there. And still… someday the magic of sex will run out as well, if you let routine grow stronger amidst you two. This article precisely intends to provide you with some simple and effective ideas to oxygenate your couple life together… daily life things, so you can fight back routine long before it crawls into your bedroom.

Undress smoothly

It´s something you can try when you´re in the mood to have sex, and also when you´re not. It´s a simple reminder of how sexy you are: lower your trousers or skirt slowly; rub your chest and arms before removing your blouse; undo your bra playfully. Doing it during a night when you have already agreed not to make love is especially effective: he´ll feel incredibly aroused and longing to the next day he´ll get to have you in his arms.

Turn up the volume

If you are in the middle of an uneventful evening, you can suggest playing scrabble and he´ll feel grateful to have you by his side. But if you want to have him melting out of admiration for you, it´s much more advisable to remind him you still can have tremendously fun instants together, just as the first couple of dates you went into. So here´s our idea: pick your favorite boogie-song, turn up the stereo as loud as it gets, grab his hand and start a perfectly purposeless dance up and down the house.

Not Ikea, not a men´s store either

Whether you have never before bought him a gift certificate for because you think it´s impersonal, or it´s a common present you get for each other, you need know about one slight change that´ll make things way hotter for him. Give him a gift certificate to buy at a lingerie shop, then go with him and shop together whatever it is he´s always dreamed to see on you.

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