Sex Toys on a Dime

Sun, 05/27/2012 - 16:17 -- kylerichtig

Sex toys are expensive! So what is a boy or girl to do when they need some fun without breaking the bank? Use these inexpensive household items as stand ins!

First a few words of caution: be careful of what you insert into your body. Be sure to clean items thoroughly - before and preferably after. Nothing ruins sex more than an infection in any orifice.

In the Kitchen

Most people enjoy a good vibrator. How they use it may differ, but the vibration is the key. Small kitchen blenders vibrate to varying degrees. Adding hard items such as coffee beans or nuts will add to the intensity of the vibrations.

Use your imagination; different textures excite different people. Silicone baking wear is flexible and can be easily reshaped. Oven mitts also come in silicone. They transform your hand into a sensual new lover.

In the Bathroom

Consider adding a detachable showerhead with variable speeds and actions when you are remodeling. Try all settings to see which settings work best for the different parts of your body.

Many hair accessories also have a secret life as nipple clamps. For easy adjustability think bobby pins. What you do with your butterfly clips is your business.

In the Bedroom

Men can enjoy creating a make shift blow up doll using pillows and a plastic bag. Lubricate the inside of the bag and place between the pillows. When you mount the pillows, vary the pressure of the weight of your body. You'll find the sweet spot.

Both men and women can enjoy lubricated friction. Roll pillows up in a blanket tightly. Wrap in plastic, or stuff into a garbage bag. The aim is to create a tight cylinder that you can get on top of. Lubricate yourself or the surface your genitals will touch.

In the Living Room/Office

The variety of items found in any given living room or office is astounding. Quick ideas:

• Use a television remote control to stimulate your genitals through your clothes, or if of large enough size, a paddle.

• Remove the discs from a spindle for an impromptu dildo.

• Easy breath-play with throw pillows.

Do not think of this as an exhaustive list, rather a jumping off point. Examine the textures and possibilities around you. Share these ideas with your sexual partner if you have one. Maybe they can let you on to the reason why they love using the riding lawn mower.

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