Sex Positions With Twists – Part 1

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 23:34 -- zena

Although conventional sexual positions have been around for a long time, they have been getting a bad rap these days and we all know that because they are so easy and be repetitive, they have a tendency to get old quickly. However, do not fret. These sexual positions can still be of use. All it needs is a little mixing up. Remember that adding a little spice in the bedroom can always work wonders. So, if you are willing to tweak it a little then here we go. These sexual positions do not require a great amount of skill as an acrobat. These twists will not be for men but for women as well. So, why don't you try some of them and see what I mean.

How about giving him a Cowboy Lap Dance? Yes, I know that the original cowgirl position is already awesome in its own but what if you throw in a chair into the mix? Then, it becomes one of the hottest positions with a twist on this list. Grab a chair and let your man sit down. Make him feel comfortable as you stay close to him. Let him grab you closer as you slide into his lap. With your feet touching the floor, you will be able to rotate your hips and tease your man's erection with your clitoris. He will also have the privilege of having a good view of your breasts. This position will give you a better control than the traditional cowgirl does. Thus, you will be able to ride in a twice as wild and twice a good fashion.

Ever heard of the Doggy Leg Lift? If you are looking to add a little extra something to the good old doggy style, then this sex position with a twist will definitely make your partner moan all night. Make sure to bend over the bed where your partner can see your sweet spot with your legs spread. Lift one of your thighs as you are in this position. This will allow for the deepest penetration possible. Simply let your partner twist his body toward yours and then drape your thighs across his hip while he thrusts. Meanwhile, your partner's free hand can either slip into your hair for some gentle tugging or for stimulating your clitoris. Either way, you will still be pleased with the results which means she will be moaning and wanting more.

Last on this week's list is the Missionary with Pillows. This is probably one of the most over used sexual position ever with a simple addition of a pillow. This sex position with a twist is easy and definitely guarantees orgasm; possibly for both you and your partner. So, lay on the back while you let your partner slide a pillow on your backside. Spread your thighs apart and place your feet flat against the mattress while he penetrates you. Penetration from this angle will be deeper than usual and the unavoidable stimulation of your clitoris will make your orgasm deliciously intense.

Next week, I will be sharing more of these sexual positions with a twist. I hope that you found this list useful.

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