Sex education censored

Mon, 01/23/2012 - 22:14 -- amber

While sex and orgasms are a part of everyone’s life it seems that it is more censored than we would like to believe. When sex is thought of in the light of a natural process without any of the tension and kinks attached to it, it is absurd that sex education was considered wrong and unteachable to students until recently in our history.

Young teens in schools today are taught simple and seemingly restricted lessons on the human genitals while other areas of study are covered in massive detail. Charts and graphs often cover the walls that show how the human genitals are shaped and arranged in the body. Students are given simple and rough descriptions of how their bodies work before they are shown an endless slideshow of sexually transmitted diseases. They are then, if the school is very liberal in their methods of teaching, given condoms and told to put them on various fruits.

Throughout this entire lesson (which when I was in school was only 2 days) the orgasm itself is only referred to as a biological process that happens for the reason of procreation. Not once is it brought up that the reason that so many young men and women have sex while still in school is because, frankly, sexual climax feels good. Instead they are lead to believe that what drives students to have sex is some inborn trait or factor that controls them. If more students were taught the reality of what orgasms are to us physically as well as what they mean to us as a culture then young men and women may begin to respect sex and be more careful while engaging in it.

While I have no evidence of any kind to support this idea (because there have been no studies on approaches to sexual education), I am certain that there are better ways to teach people about their bodies than emotionless facts followed by scare tactics. Perhaps students would react more maturely to sex if we actually told them the whole truth and didn’t censor all of the great things out of the sexual experience and orgasm.

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Amber Hoffman

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