Public Sex: Top 10 Choices

Fri, 06/01/2012 - 23:52 -- kylerichtig

Public sex is a common fantasy. How public these encounters are, depends on the participants. Below is a list ranging from safer to edgier options.

How many have you done?

10. Backyard - The riskiness of the backyard depends on two things - how many people live in your house, and who can see in. It is an easy baby step toward higher risk endeavors.

9. In your car in the driveway - An easier step for those who do not like the outdoors. This is a variable activity, as the visibility of the car will be different for every house.

8. In a bedroom at a party - A common activity at parties for younger individuals. No one can see what you are doing, but they all know. What's exciting is that you know they know.

7. In an elevator - The unspecified duration adds to the excitement of this activity. You may be caught, but you are more likely to pull yourself together by feeling the inertia change.

6. Hotel hallway - A hotel hallway is a semi-private area. Rarely are guests prowling the halls, yet the prospect is always present. Extra points for doing it against a hotel door that is not yours.

5. Graveyard - Not for everyone, but still an accessible public area. If caught people are less likely to laugh it off.

4. Church - The basement of the church is often a hot bed of sexual activity. Mixing the religious with the taboo creates extra depth. If caught simply say, "I'm learning about sin. I'm a tactile learner."

3. Public park - This encompasses both natural and city parks. Of course this creates a variety of scenarios, from the modestly to the very public. In a truly public park, you never know what direction individuals may come from.

2. Front lawn - The front lawn varies greatly from the backyard or the car. The public venue is intensified by the extremity of self-identification. In this case, the public is anything but unknown.

1. In a parking lot of a theme park - Theme parks seethe with people. They also tend to gouge their patrons on food and beverages. This creates a living tide of patrons moving from the supplies in their car in and out of the park. Can you beat the tide?

Finding a public places to have sex is easy. Not getting caught depends on how creative and public you are. Get caught if you want to. Just try not to scar any children in the process.

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