Public Sex Position Options

Sat, 07/07/2012 - 15:56 -- kylerichtig

Sex in public is often a hurried affair. Traditional missionary style sex is often impractical under these conditions.

Try some new positions that are not only convenient, but also fun to try!

In the closet

A closet is a great place to duck into for some impromptu fun. Why not try Prison Guard or Ballerina to mix things up. Prison Guard and Ballerina have the added advantage of keeping feet on the floor. This is a must in a small space. Try these positions at home first. It will make moving into them more natural when you need them.

In the car

The car cannot only be an exciting place to have sex, but it is also mobile. You can find your own privacy if need be. The Cinema Stroke is not just for the theatre anymore! This position can be done in most vehicles, front or back seat. Try the Lap Dance as well. This is best achieved with the man sitting sideways in the passenger seat, with his legs on the ground.

Public Park

Which position suits you best in the public park is partly determined by the time of day you are there. If it is during the day, an easy to escape position such as Dancer is optimal (if she wears a skirt). However, visiting a park after hours may give you a chance to use some of the playground equipment. The swings come to mind. Suspended nets and bridges may make for some interesting surfaces to try. Think the Monkey Bar.

In the garden

If you find yourself in the backyard looking for action, you have more freedom to express yourself. Why not try the Pile Driver, or Wheelbarrow? Give yourself (and maybe your neighbours), something to remember. Always think safety first. Only try positions that you are strong enough to achieve.

The simplicity of fellatio

Men have the added bonus of generally accessible genitals, as their clothes are tailored for this purpose. Use this lucky coincidence to pleasure your partner wherever the mood strikes you.

Public sex does not lend itself to the same range of positions as private sex does. This does not mean you have to give up variety for venue. If you are adventurous enough to have sex in public, it is likely that you are up for some variety. Be sure to test all positions in a safe environment before deploying them in the field.

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