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Sat, 08/18/2012 - 11:29 -- zena

Have you ever tried having a go at it in a public area? I am sure, you find it both embarrassing and scary to do as there will always be that thought that somebody will catch you. But isn't that something that should thrill you and should encourage you in order to do such acts? Whether or not, you want to get caught or not, having sex in public places have been included in romance and erotic stories everywhere and have even been a fantasy for many. So, why don't you give it a try next time?

So you and your partner are in the garden or in the backyard, you are all down and dirty. I am sure we have all imagined having sex in the bushes once or twice. Somehow the reminder of it makes us feel like reckless teenagers with our raging hormones and our promiscuity. If you have never done this before then here's your chance. The bushwhacker is something that you can do in your property or perhaps in others'. I am sure they wouldn't mind. If your woman doesn't want to get her clothes dirty or even touch the ground then be the gentleman and kneel at her service. Wrap her legs tightly around your waist and hold her close do that she doesn't have to touch the ground. This way, you both get to have the wild sex in the wilderness that you are both craving for but leaving her to be treated like a lady that she is. I am sure you will get plus points for that.

Men are known for hating to do domestic chores. Most men don't even want to take the trash out but perhaps they will change their minds this time around. You can do this to a nearby back alley. Just make sure it is clean and you're good to go. If you are a man, pretend to throw the trash. Carry your woman on your shoulder like a trash bag and bring her to the back alley to make passionate love with her. Sure, she might end up not liking the message of it but in the end, she will still be sated and so will you.

Public indecency is wrong in so many levels so if you really want to do this, make sure that nobody is watching and if some people are watching, make sure that they won't mind. Always remember that there are embarrassing fines, jail terms and forms of punishments when it comes to indecency. Keep out of sight of mothers, fathers, children and old people. Of course, don't let those in the law to see you as well. I am sure you don't want to be in such a predicament.

To be honest, it doesn't really matter whatever sexual position you do outside. If you really want to have a go at it then do. Having ridiculous sex outside in an outrageous public place is fine. Just choose your locations carefully but without too much fuss. Whether it is in a park, a public bathroom, a beach or something more public, it doesn't matter. Just don't get caught. That is the biggest rule in this kind of game. If you get caught, you lose. So, have fun and start planning your first public sex escapade. I guarantee it to be worth it.

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