Post-Sex Playtime

Tue, 06/26/2012 - 10:31 -- amber

Spending a lot of time in the bedroom with your man is a good thing, it will keep your relationship healthy and you will have a very satisfied sex life. However, don’t let the fire burn out after sex is over. Keep things going after sex by using a few of these tips.

Showering together after sex is the best way to keep things steamy and get clean while still spending time together. Showering is very intimate, sexy and you are saving water! You never know, showering could lead to round 2.

After sex, tell him what he wants to hear. Compliment him on the things that he did well during sex and the things that turned you on the most. Nothing boosts a guys ego more than compliments, and there’s nothing a man wants more than to know that you are sexually satisfied.

Massages are definitely a must after sexual activity. Since you and your man just had quite the workout, a massage is a great way to relax and still feel physically connected to your partner. This is also a great way to thank a man for pleasing you and is a good reward after all of his hard work.

Contrary to popular belief, men love cuddling. There’s nothing better than cuddling naked together right after sex. After sex is over, lay there and relax with your man while you are both unclothed, maybe take a nap. This will also leave you both still physically connected to each other and it is very intimate and romantic.

Just because sex is over, doesn’t necessarily mean you and your man have to part your ways and put your clothes on. Make sure you are spending quality time together after sex. These things are a great way to keep all playtime going inside the bedroom.

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