Mixing Music and Sex

Tue, 06/26/2012 - 10:11 -- kylerichtig

There is a reason music is played everywhere. Music is always played in the background of movies, in elevators, in shopping malls. These sounds are meant to manipulate you for the player's purpose. Playing music to get to sex is not a new concept, but how often do you vary the sex music you use?

The basics

Do not rely on pre-made CDs for your sex music. There are many albums that may accompany sex well, but nothing fits quite as perfectly as a playlist of your own choosing. Create several playlist for different moods ahead of time. If you have multiple partners, create playlists specifically for them (do not use their names to label them). Use the playlists to get a partner in the mood after they have heard it during sex.

What are you looking for?

Choosing your music depends on the type of sex you are planning to have. If a romantic evening is the plan, try slower more emotional music. Take a note from the movie industry. If you like energetic fun sex try electronica or electro pop. Punk and rock may create an edgier mood, but seek out industrial or metal if you want to get really crazy.

What to watch out for?

Make sure that your playlist(s) do not remind yourself or your partner of an ex (especially songs that your partner may know reminds you of your ex). There are enough ghosts of the past in the bedroom. Ensure playlists do not become mundane by using the shuffle function.

Two birds one song

If you and your partner enjoy role-play, ensure that a different playlist exists for those scenarios. Using different music than you generally listen to in this way will help to create the illusion of your characters. If you need to get someone out of the house after sex, make a playlist of abstract music (unless they are a fan). Most people cannot relate to it, and will feel the drive to leave.

Protecting the future

Music is a key element in memory building. If you are unsure of the longevity of your relationship, you may wish to distance your favourite artists from the playlists. Nothing ruins a song quicker than a bad memory of an ex. Music is a great tool for creating the perfect atmosphere for sex. Check into the personality of your partners for clues about what will get them going.

Conversely, you may also want to make a turn off playlist. You may have things to do too!

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