Men and Sex

Sun, 05/27/2012 - 15:54 -- amber

Some men just can’t wait to get to the main event but we all know how important it is to perform the foreplay. But now that you’re done with the appetizer, so to speak, you are ready to gorge yourselves with the main course - Sex.

Here are some tips men spilled to get a better performance from their partner during sex. Enjoy.

Resist but not so much so that your man gets rejected by it

Lie on your belly and keep your legs loosely shut while your hands are at your sides. Your man will be trying to “open” you up and if you resist just enough, by the time he gets inside you, he’s mad with desire and will be pumping non-stop.

Don’t remove your top just yet

He might have entered you already but keep the top on. This way he’ll be the one who’s going to remove it gently and you’ll notice him grazing through your breasts while he’s at it. It’s going to turn both of you on.

Control the pace

Men love it when women take control in the bedroom. You can force him to go faster or slower, just the way you want it. You can even go one round (for him) slowly and the other one - faster.

Clench your PC muscles

The effect when you do this will not wait long to show. It brings intense and unspeakable pleasure to your man.

While in the reverse cowgirl position, pin your man down

He’ll find the feeling of being unable to move so sexy and arousing.

Whisper naughty words into your partner’s ears

This is a surefire way to turn him on and to get him going even faster.

Sometimes silence in the bedroom is a huge turn on for guys

You can mix it up while you’re at it.

Playing with his balls

... while he’s thrusting will definitely make him see the stars.

Raise your hands up while you’re in the missionary position

This will give him the view he loves so much: Your boobs bouncing to his pounding.

When you’re on top, turn 360 degrees while he’s inside you

He’ll feel all your lady parts and this will definitely turn him on.

Surprise your man tonight - try one of these out. You’ll know he loves it when he begs you for more.

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