Maximizing Pleasure For Her

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If you are an attentive sexual partner take a look at these hints to power up the experience in bed for both of you

The way you start walking when you decide to become a better lover does not really ever come to an end. Here are some different considerations that might come in handy to make your sexual encounters more memorable for her.

Don't be flat

Angles are an important part of penetration. When you use positions where she is riding you, this is not really a problem: she'll adjust your penis inside her to reach the spots she finds most stimulating. But you can't let her take the lead every time: women also enjoy the experience of below you in a passionate embrace. However, if her back is lying flat on the bed penetration will not be quite pleasurable for her: try leveling things up with a cushion that supports her bottom comfortably. A 25-27° inclination is ideal for her vagina to receive your thrusting movements inside.

Don't push it all the way

Yes, if you've ever watched or read porn you might be under the impression that a good lover is capable of thrusting his penis incredibly deep inside her partner. The truth, however, is the most sensitive part of a vagina is its outer third. This seems to be a clever anatomic design: you can last longer inside your girl if you focus in the entrance of her vagina. So keep that in mind: orgasms come easier with the right time spent on the right zone.

If you have a nice wardrobe, use it

Yes, the actual physical place inside a wardrobe is a great place for having sex if it's large enough, and especially if it's shared by both of you and it contains some leather clothing. The smell inside will be quite attractive, and the stored fragrances might trigger some memories to feel aroused about each other. But that is just the minor part: the main thrill will be the forbidding sense that action inside a confined space conveys.

Use your fingers too

Yes, oral sex for women is an almost guaranteed way to accomplish the goal of sexual satisfaction. But your girl does not only feel with her clitoris and inner lips: while you caress energetically those areas with your tongue, try massaging different parts so you cover her whole vulva and the area that surrounds it. The pubic zone is of course receptive, but if you truly want to spice things up, apply some pressure on her perineum: the area between her vaginal entrance and her anus. This adds on sexual tension for her, and will ensure her orgasm reaches unexpected heights once it comes.

And of course, after you have attempted to take into consideration some of these hints, be attentive to the way your girl reacts when she experiences them in bed. Every woman has personal favorites, so it's possible some slight changes suggested by her will drive you further in the road of magnificent lovers.

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