Kinkiest Places to Have Sex

Kinkiest Places to Have Sex

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 09:04 -- zena

Have you ever done anything sinful yet heavenly in places you have never expected to before? Traditionally, the act of having sex should only be done in closed doors but these days, things are changing fast. Sex usually happens in bedrooms but now even the most public of places can become a hot sex spot. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do the act somewhere else besides the bedroom?

Don't tell me you don't have dirty secrets or hidden fetishes because everyone does. According to a survey done just recently, most couples have explored more places than one when it comes to being more and more open to sex.

Hotels and motels have become overrated. Everyone already knows and assumes what you will be doing there if you ever decided to go to those places. Nowadays, a public toilet cubicle is enough to do the deed. Whether it is done standing up or straddling one another, most couples have found the said place to be ideal for quick release despite the fact that others might see them. According to couples, the thought that somebody might see them is what keeps them from doing the deed. To them the idea of others seeing them excites them.

Gone are the days of having sex inside a parked car in an almost abandoned parking lot or dark place. Nowadays, a quickie inside the office is enough to make promiscuous function normally again. A visit to your partner's office while he/she is alone there doing his/her overtime can also mean its time for some alone time. Why not try doing the deed in different positions while in his/her workstation - a blow job under the table while having sex on top of the meeting table. The idea of doing it in the office is not only kinky but also practical to some.

Public transportation is useful but now, it has become a common place for lovers who want to do the deed in a hurry too. I have not tried it personally but I have heard so many people trying it. A little movement here and there by a moving vehicle can do the trick. Just make sure that the place isn't too crowded for all to see your deed. While a medical examination room might be scary and traumatic for some, it can also be arousing for others. The thought of playing doctor/nurse and patient intrigues some people. To be probed while lying on the obstetrician's bed can be other people's sick fantasy.

At home, the kitchen is one of the top odd places to have sex. Whether it is in the counter, on the sink or even on the floor, it doesn't matter. When the need arises, some people just can't seem to shake off the heat. Relieving themselves with their partners is their one and only priority. I can be adventurous at times and have tried some of these ideas in the past. Personally, the fact that other people might catch me doing something nasty is thrilling. Of course, I do not want to be caught but still the thought is kinky enough to make me go wet because of the idea. If the bedroom is no longer interesting enough for you, why not try to spice up your sex life by moving your bedroom elsewhere? It might do wonders for you.

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