If he doesn´t turn you on like before…

Sun, 05/27/2012 - 15:35 -- amber

Maybe it´s time that you check some things on your side: long-term relationships tend to make sex a little less exciting each day, but with a bit of good fortune a few simple changes can turn things around.

Those first times in bed, he was a volcano. He was so steamy, his excitement would flow through the air into your lungs, and his desire would caress your skin even before touching you. The sad reality is you never can go back to the first times, but that doesn´t mean you can´t any longer have great sex! A more mature relationship is always able to find thoughtful acts that both members of the couple can bring on to the equation, in order to keep interest in each other´s alive. We can´t guarantee you´ll return to those magical, breathless nights where it all began, but you still can find out that your guy is able to make your whole body vibrate if you get him into the right mood.

Here are a few - very simple - guidelines to make sure he still feels overwhelmed by your sensuality after all this time, so that he´ll have the motivation to conquest the peril of routine and its brutal power to kill excitement in bed.

Blended orgasms

If you have ever experienced an orgasm while enjoying stimulation at your vagina and your clitoris at the same time, then you know how good it feels to reach the height of pleasure when it comes from two sources simultaneously. Well, it works the same way for them: surprise your guy by going all the way with a blow-job or intercourse, but in a position that enables you to stimulate his testicles with your hands at the same time.

Spend a little cash on your pleasure

A good, multi-purpose sex toy can do wonders in bed. If you manage to find one which you can both use in each other, there´ll be nothing sexier for him: take turns at driving the other crazy, first you hit on his shaft, then he strikes at your inner labia, and the mere sensation of novelty while you try new moves and rhythms will be enough to give you a number of memorable evenings.

Switch back and forth

If you´ve been together with a man for some time, you probably have found a position that “works best for you”, and occasionally give others a try if you feel like it. Well, the truth is most couples tend to acquire the false impression that alternating your sex postures means to try missionary some nights, you on top every other day, or doggy style when you feel a bit naughty. But by doing this you forget it is way sexier to have all those positions, and many more, on the same night! Switching from one intercourse move into the next will help you make ground for the unexpected more than anything you could come up with. Tell him to help you find a new combo each time: there is an infinite combination of sequences you can come up with… ok, maybe not infinite, but quiet enough to maintain the sense of adventure before it is time to repeat!

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