How To Make Love To A Woman Even She Has Her Period - The Thighslicker

Sat, 06/16/2012 - 20:17 -- zena

Orgasms can keep cramps away...

We all know that women turn bitchy whenever it is that time of the month but did you know that you can actually help your partner feel much better while she is having her period? Yes, it is possible.

But before you pleasure your woman, why not try to feel her pain first? Always bear in mind that every month, a cupful of blood gushes from the fragile innards of your partner and you feel powerless to do anything about it. So before you say anything that can hurt her or before you do anything that makes you insensitive, beware and be aware.

One proven technique to ease her cramps aside from using anything that has lavender is what they call, “The Thighslicker”. What else can ease her cramps and be both pleasured at the same time? Imagine yourself horny as hell. But then you turn to her and realize that she's bloated, bleeding and she feels like crap. What can you do? Do a hand job? Oh no! Not so fast! Don't be so selfish! Keep in mind that your partner is in pain and that she needs a generous amount of tender loving care however she's just too irritated to admit it.

So why not treat her nicely and be her slave for the mean time? If she feels that you're sensitive and caring enough, you might just get lucky in a couple of minutes. Your sweetness might not just melt her heart but it can fire up her bloodstained loins. Suddenly her hormones will remind her that she's actually at her horniest at this time of the month!

Well, because she isn't exactly safe during her period, and of course you're probably not aching to have blood all over your penis, it is best to be safe. The thighslicker is the best way to do it. It's like the spooning position which is a classic for the ladies who need to be reassured that you're a sensitive and caring partner however without the actual penetration.

How to do this? Lie on your side behind her and place your hard on between her thighs, using the tip of your penis rub it against her clitoris, making sure to stimulate it well. She then presses her legs together and as you rub the tip of your penis on her clitoris back and forth, you then move it to her labia which ensures mutual orgasm.

Wondering about the result? Well, you get both get pleasured while you continue to guide her to an intense orgasm, which relaxes the blood vessels in her groin and relieves her of her cramps. In the end, everybody happy. What else can you ask for? So the next time your lady gets her period, try to use this technique to please her. Who knows? You might just be making some sweet, safe love with her next time.

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