How to drive a man crazy

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Contrary to what you may think, it is really easy for a woman to excite a guy beyond everything he´s experienced so far –and with just a couple of simple changes!

It is of course as much of a mystery for you to understand how his libido works as it is for him to figure what your wishes are. These days, however, we have literally hundreds and hundreds of sources we can consult in order to try and understand our partners better. Since every person is a universe in its own self, you can´t be sure that the advice you get will work for your man, but then again, he can´t be sure either that whatever he´s been reading will make him a better lover for you. Sometimes both of you will be hesitant to experience new things, but there is nothing wrong with trial and error.

If your guy still has not shown any attempts to make changes, it is perfectly ok that you go ahead and take the initiative. Here are some easy ways to give your bed routines a twist that will most surely be appreciated by your partner.

Tell him to stay put

Ok, you don´t necessarily have to tell him this, it may be enough if you place yourself at a considerable distance from him and start touching yourself. This will probably sound a little bit weird at a first glance, but for men watching women experience pleasure is a serious turn-on. If you caress your vulva in that very special way you´ve learnt to do it during masturbation, it will not only show him what you like, but it may also allow you to have a splendid orgasm right under his nose and leave him speechless. Remember this very well: men are visual, and watching you moaning or dirty-talking while touching yourself will be a splendid sexual fantasy for him –one that will make him most eager to take a turn in touching you and making it count as well.

Assault him in his dreams

Now, again, assaulting is just a figure of speech. He will rather consider it a rapture of pleasure if you approach to him stealthily while he´s dozing and start touching that area in him that never sleeps. For some women it might be quite uncomfortable if a guy interrupted her sleep to propose having sex, but for men it will be a phantasmagoric experience in the good sense: like an erotic dream coming true, where it might even be difficult to distinguish reality from the usual daydreaming.

Don´t let him think you are too square-minded

Men have some secret wishes they do not want to communicate because they are afraid you will think poorly of them –like they are too lustful or indecent. But then again, some of those wishes might be just fantasies you actually would like to try! So whenever you fancy giving one of your secret ideas a try, please do it. It is quite possible it´s something he´s also dying to experience.

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