How To Be A Better Girlfriend

Wed, 02/15/2012 - 21:12 -- amber

There is always room for improvement in any relationship, even if you think it’s perfect. Sometimes we think we are being “cool” girlfriends, but there are actually several do’s and don’ts of your role as “best girlfriend in the world.” One of a man’s favorite things to do with his girlfriend is watch sports. Although some women are not cut out for this, it means a lot to a guy (for what reason, we don’t know), so take one for the team, literally, and sit through a couple games with him a month. This shows him that you are interested in things he likes to do, and that you want to get to know his friends.

While you’re watching the big game, don’t be obnoxious and cheer loudly, chug beer, or comment on anything when you don’t even know what’s going on. It’s okay to ask questions, by all means, but doing all of these things makes you remind him of his animal-like pals.

Since text messaging is quickly becoming the primary form of communication among couples, it is important to know what’s appropriate and what’s not. When texting your man, send a short, sweet, sometimes sexy message that leaves him guessing but lets him know you are thinking about him. Never type up a paragraph about how horrible your day is going. No offense, but no one wants to read that, ever.

Lingerie is every man’s fantasy. They love to see you in sexy little get-ups that they get to peel off of you themselves. However, always remember this: the simpler the lingerie, the better. Guys don’t want to have to worry about unsnapping 20 different buttons just to get you out of your lingerie. They want something that they can easily get you out of quickly, not something that seems like rocket science.

These are just a few little tips that could really make an impact on your relationship. Men have a lot of really little, ridiculous pet peeves that women are unaware of, but somehow, they expect us to know anyways. In a relationship, always keep it simple. Keep your sports interest simple, your texts simple and your lingerie simple.

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