Food and Sex

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Food has been a sensual symbol since ancient times. Why not add it to your repertoire?

Take turns with food items, either during sex, or on different occasions. Be sure to keep a moist washcloth around in case the food gets out of your control. Stickiness may distract from the sexual experience.

A cautionary note: do not place food inside the body other than in the mouth. Food items are covered with bacteria. Also additional moisture and sugars to body cavities will encourage disproportionate growth of normally present microbes. Basically, you are just asking for a yeast infection.


Honey has been the sexual staple since the Egyptian times. Naturally occurring across the world, honey's texture and sweetness add to any sexual experience. Try warming the honey just enough to thin the liquid. Use a paintbrush to apply to your partner's body parts.

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is best used in sex from an aerosol canister. The canister allows for easy application. If your whipped cream does not come in an easy to dispense canister, try using fingers to directly apply.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is much like honey, but does not require heating to thin. Apply maple syrup with a paintbrush, or simply drizzle on. Remember that body heat will thin the syrup if pooled. Be careful not to over apply syrup to avoid this.

Chocolate Sauce

Always buy chocolate sauce in a squeeze bottle. The smallness of the hole will allow for control over the flow of chocolate. Use the drizzle to create pictures or simply highlight where you plan to lick it off. Conversely, have your partner apply the chocolate to where they want you to lick it off.


Fruit is a good companion to honey, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Use the fruit to remove previously applied items. Popular companion fruit items are strawberries, bananas, apples and mangoes. Prepare the fruit by slicing ahead of time, or use as part of your art of seduction.

Enjoy adding food items to your sexual experiences. Incorporating food adds time to your foreplay to heighten the anticipation of sex. Be sure to remember to be safe, and to not put food in orifices not equipped to digest it. After food related sex, enjoy a shower with your partner to wash away any residue that may be left behind, or have sex in the shower. No one said you couldn't do that.

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