First Time Sex Partners: Unexpected Surprises

Thu, 08/02/2012 - 02:04 -- kylerichtig

Everyone who has had sex has done it with someone for the first time. For the overwhelming majority of us, we do not sleep with models or plastic surgery junkies. Our partners are real people with real flaws. Finding flaws unexpectedly during sex can be jarring. How you handle it dictates what happens next.

If you plan on continuing the sex, your initial reaction should be to bring it up later. A simple, "What the fuck is that?" could send your partner crying from the room.

Extra nipple

The common condition known as a supernumerary nipple occurs at a rate of 1 in 18 males and approximately 1 in 50 in females. These little extras serve no purpose. These are often mistaken as moles; however, they range in size and complexity.

Extra digit

Occurring on either the hand or foot, you may do a double take at an extra digit. A less common feature (often removed at birth), it looks stranger than it is. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Maybe an extra finger is just what you needed.


Most humans have at least some hair on their bodies. How hairy they are when you decide to have sex with them is based on heredity and personal style. If you are turned off by excessive hair, make sure to make that evident in your pre-sex discussions. If your partner is given the time, they may clean up to your liking. If you end up in an unknowingly hairy situation, you can always fake a Charlie horse.


Humans smell. They regulate their smell with a variety of bathing, deodorants and perfumes. How well they deal with this issue varies. Avoid dealing with this problem by using common sense: do not engage your partner in sex after rigorous activity.

Bizarre genitalia

Expectation is often the road to ruin with genitalia. There is nothing wrong with genital preferences in terms of size and effectiveness. You may encounter strange moles or pigmentation. If you encounter any open sores, this is your chance to say: "What the fuck is that?" Many sexually transmitted diseases present open sores. Protect yourself!

Every first sexual experience with a partner is bound to have some surprises. Try your best to mitigate any issues that may arise by being as upfront about your expectations as possible. If the flaws you find in your partner are negligible, enjoy yourself. Remember that you are just researching a new story for your friends.

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