Cool Sex for Hot Weather

Sat, 06/09/2012 - 21:03 -- kylerichtig

Summer is here. For many of us that means that the weather is becoming hotter and more humid.

On hot nights without air conditioning, sex drive often takes a back seat to the heat. This does not have to be the case! Have sex without feeling worse after.

Ice invasion

Horny in bed on a hot night? Grab some ice cubes. Have your partner lay on their stomach and run the ice cubes along their back and legs. Be sure to focus on the back of the neck as well; this is a major heat sensor for the body. Have do the same for you. Repeat, but have the receiving partner laying on their back. Be sure to hit hot areas such as armpits, inner thighs and chest. This has a faster effect if there is a fan on you.

Mist cloud

The mist cloud requires a fan and spray bottle. Turn your fan on to the highest setting (though it's likely there already). Direct the fan toward toward the sex play area. Alternate proving sexual stimulation between partners. The partner not receiving stimulation is responsible for the spray bottle. Spray the water toward the fan, using the mist setting. The resulting spray will be redirected back on both partners. The breeze created by the fan will evaporate the water quickly, resulting in a cooling sensation!

The shower

An obvious choice. Turn the water on a cool setting and let it bring down your temperature. Another great place to incorporate ice cubes if you enjoy them. Remember safety first when dealing with shower situations.

Taking it outside

It can be substantially cooler outside at night. This is a much riskier maneuver. The inherent risk of being caught exists. The hidden enemy is, however, insects. Your first instinct may be to simply take off your clothes, but that much exposed skin is a buffet to mosquitos and black flies. Really think about what skin is exposed. Remember not to put insect repellent on body parts that may end up inside someone. Try citronella candles if you have a secluded place.

Kiddie pool for adults

A great way to cool your body is through the extremities. Fill a kiddie pool with a few inches of water. Doggy style may be the best match for this option. Ensure the water level is above your kneeling calves.

When the temperature rises do not deprive yourself of sex. Instead, get creative! Find what works for you.

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