Building Your Sex Toy Drawer

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 01:33 -- kylerichtig

What do you have in your sex toy drawer? There are always new items on the market to explore.

Be prepared for your next sexual encounter by having new tools on hand to spice it up.


Every sex toy drawer should include water-based lubricant. Adding lubrication creates new accessible areas for play. Have it on hand for the times that natural lubricants fail!


Vibrators are for both men and women, and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Vibrators stimulate erogenous tissue. Enjoy some vibrations by yourself or with a partner.

Handcuffs or restraints

Restraining a partner using handcuffs can be stimulating for both partners. A trust based game, the unrestrained partner has free run on their partner's body. Restraints can be made of any material (such as an old necktie) that can be used to tie limbs either together or to another surface.


Create sexual surprises by placing a blindfold on your partner. The loss of sight builds anticipation. Use your partner's lack of sight to stimulate them in ways they would not expect.

Nipple clamps

A fairly inexpensive toy, nipple clamps can be used by either men or women for stimulation. The best nipple clamps have adjustable tension gauges for personal preference.

Cock ring

During sexual arousal, the penis may have fluctuating amounts of engorging blood. A cock ring helps to keep this blood in the penis, and keep your guy harder, longer. For safety, use cock rings that have adjustable sizes to ensure it can be removed easily after sexual play.

Massage oils

Including massage in foreplay can relax partners, especially if they may have previously sore muscles. Choose massage oils that have aromatherapy properties that may stimulate your partner.


Some dildos are penis shaped, while others are simply conical in nature. Both are used for penetrating either the vagina or anus, and in rare cases to mimic fellatio. While some vibrators are also penis shaped, dildos do not include additional features.

Anal beads

Anal beads are inserted in a partner's rectum during sexual stimulation. The beads are connected by a cord, which is retracted as the individual reaches orgasm. Anal beads can be used by both sexes, but are often regarded as a more masculine toy.

Creating your sex toy drawer for the first time, or restocking with new items, is a world of possibilities. If you enjoy your toys enough, find a travel case that will allow you to take your fun on the road!

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