Better Orgasms, Longer Sex

Sat, 06/09/2012 - 19:57 -- kylerichtig

Even if you are having great sex, did you know that extending the anticipation can lead to better orgasms?

Don't let the routine of sex with your partner stop you from having new mind blowing orgasms.

Back to first base

Think of the first time you had sex with your partner. For most of us, that time and any intimate before included much more foreplay. Spend time kissing, and working each other's bodies only from the neck up. Return to a time where you were not 100% sure what you could get away with. For fun set alarms to let each other know when you can move forward.

Tantalize with touch

Take your eye off the prize of the orgasm for a moment. Increase sexual excitement and anticipation by lightly running your fingers all over your partner's body. If possible, try using items such as feathers or silk scarves to lightly stimulate parts of the body. If feathers or silk is not available, use your own hair if need be. Exclude the genitals.

Beat around the bush

Kiss and lick different parts of your partner's body. Take turns with your partner stimulating each other in short bursts. This invites each partner to enjoy sexual stimulation, and motivates each partner to reciprocate. Incorporate massage to go the extra mile.

Try new things

Find new parts of your partner's body to work with. An often under used area is the underarm. The underarm skin, like the inner thigh is very sensitive. This also applies to the inner elbows and knees. Incorporate fetishes to distract from genital stimulation. For extra fun, photography each other, or consider recording video of your sex. Creating these photos and videos can be used to extend future sexual encounters.

Watch porn before

Studies show that men who watch pornography have increased levels of testosterone. Porn can fulfill sexual fantasies, such as multiple partners, that can't be attained otherwise. Partners are limited to working over clothes for the duration of the film. If a partner does not agree with hardcore porn, find something that will work for both of you.

To increase the intensity of your orgasms, increase the duration of your sexual activity. The orgasm is still the goal at the end, but try taking the scenic route. Increasing your intimate time will strengthen your relationship, and give a better appreciation

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