A Couple Of Tricks Toward Reaching The Big O

A Couple Of Tricks Toward Reaching The Big O

Mon, 01/30/2012 - 21:29 -- amber

If you've ever been concerned that your female partner is not having as much pleasure as you are, check out this how to make femal reach orgasm.

If your partner has never had an orgasm while she's in bed with you, that's probably quite a throwback for you and your desire to make her happy. However, it is not at all a rare situation; many women have trouble while finding the way to completely lose themselves in pleasure with a partner. Luckily, there are many things that can be done to help her reach that elusive height of sexual gratification, and have a lot fun in the way. But if you let time go by without doing anything about it, she might lose interest in sex or–much worst–start faking orgasms. Trust us, that's as deep down as you can reach in the bottom line. So pay attention to the tips below and keep an eye for as many others as you can find.

Massage her feet

You don't think feet are sexy? Well, you should, but even if you disagree it doesn't really matter; what's important is that most women enjoy some warm massaging of their feet before carrying on with more intense foreplay. Of course, even during the more advanced moments of hot stimulation you can go back to kissing or caressing her feet if it feels right, but doing an initial warm up on them is a good idea for a more significant reason: if a women experiences cold in her feet during sex, she is going to have much more trouble reaching an orgasm than she would with warm and happy toes. So don’t let such a trivial thing get in the way!

Use the S sense

Smell is a very important trigger in sexual behavior. If you are wearing a cologne that is associated with a masculine scent, such as musk, the sensorial reception of your girl will be enhanced… she might probably feel each caress in a much more sensual way. But there's a further reason to give cologne a try, and it goes beyond bed. Even if during sex your partner does not have sexier experiences with the aid of smell, she will certainly at least retain the scent in her memory as something she can link with you and with erotic pleasure. So you will give her a sexy weight to carry: every time she smells a similar scent she'll experience some degree of a turn on, and this tiny bits of excitement accumulated through the days will result in a more lustful approach to your next time in bed.

Lube and atmosphere

You want to make sure there is a romantic feel of excitement in the air whenever you are about to have sex with your partner, but it you really wondering how to make femal reach orgasm you'll have to turn that into a wild exchange of libido. Make sure she feels appreciated and wanted; your desire can trigger hers if you use it in a romantic rather than demanding style. She will have to be really wet for you to even try cunnilingus, and if this doesn't happen naturally (which is perfectly normal) don't hesitate to use natural-feel lubricant to stimulate her vulva until she is melting with excitement.

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