5 Ways to Help Your Man in the Bedroom

Wed, 08/01/2012 - 00:48 -- kylerichtig

Not every man is the best lover in the bedroom. Sometimes, a lack of experience can hinder their progress. Do your best to help them out before if they begin to lose their way.

1. Undoing your bra

Not necessarily the hardest task in the bedroom, undoing a bra can be difficult. To be fair, most women wear the incorrect size of bra. If it's too small, there may not be enough give in the material to unhook properly. Also, think about when you are putting on your bra. Have you ever tried to undo one behind someone else's back while they are on top of you? If he gets into trouble, just undo it. Don't ask if he needs help.

2. Insert his penis yourself

If you know he's having trouble getting it in, or if you aren't sure if it is in yet, get it in there yourself. Every woman's body is a bit different, and heights always match up differently. It can be especially difficult for him if he cannot use his hands, so give him one of yours!

3. Have your own condoms

Do not expect that your man will always have the presence of mind to have condoms with him. Keep a supply of your own favourite brands. This alleviates the awkward situation where you have already started to have sex, but cannot go all the way.

4. Invoke the golden rule

If your man has trouble getting you off, use the golden rule: "You're gonna eat me 'til I cum, and then you're going to fuck me." You'll have a hard time finding a man that is unwilling to go along with this plan. It ensures that everyone gets what they are looking for. The golden rule is also useful in one-night stands.

5. Tell him what you want

One of the biggest issues in the bedroom is communication. If you are not getting what you need from your partner, tell him how he can better please you. Focus on what he can do, rather than what he is not doing. Everyone needs a teacher from time to time in the bedroom. There are always (at least) two partners in a sexual union. Make sure that you play your part to support your partner. Let him know how he can please you better, and do not leave all decisions in his hands. You'll only get what you want if you are willing to work for it too.

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