10 Simple Male Erogenous Zones

Tue, 07/03/2012 - 02:26 -- kylerichtig

Men have many erogenous zones to play with. The amount of sexual excitement built by the erogenous zone varies from man to man.

Explore your man to find out which of these options will drive him crazy!

10. Penis

The most obvious of all erogenous parts, the penis has different sensations for the glans, shaft and frenum. Try stimulating the spot just below the V shape in the glans.

9. Scrotum

The scrotum, not testicles, is the skin that is stimulated. Licking this area during fellatio is standard, but have you tried tugging very gently on his scrotum as he's reaching climax?

8. Perineum

Located between the scrotum and the anus is the perineum (also called the taint). This area is very sensitive and includes the part of the penis that is inside the body. Lightly caress or lick this area during fellatio or 69

7. Armpits

The armpits have sensitive skin similar to that of your inner thighs. Lick and suck on this skin to drive him wild. This works best after he's had a shower and there is no deodorant applied.

6. Knees

Both the front and back of the knees can be stimulated. Kissing and nibbling on his knees will surprise him. Incorporate this with inner thigh stimulation for great results.

5. Neck

Kissing the neck has always been a symbol of sensuality. Stimulate this area with kisses and soft bites. Work the neck all the way to the shoulder if he likes it.

4. Anus

Some men may not be interested in having their anus stimulated on principle. If you add it in on your own, he may realize just how much he likes it. Begin by only lightly licking his anus and work up to whatever he is comfortable with. Like the armpits, this type of stimulation should follow a shower for safety.

3. Feet

Stimulating the feet can include biting, licking and sucking of all parts of the foot. Lightly biting the arch of the foot and sucking the toes are often favorites.

2. Elbows

Treat elbows the same way you would knees. Work both sides until you find what drives him wildest.

1. Nipples

Not every nipple is equal. Men vary in how much they enjoy nipple play, but most are open to having them stimulated. In addition to kissing, licking and sucking his nipples, grab a handful of his "breast". Pair this with Cowgirl and squeeze right at the time he climaxes.

Men have many erogenous zones to exploit. Find what your man likes through exploration. It's much more fun than asking.

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