10 Reasons to Choose Sex Over TV

Sun, 07/08/2012 - 14:07 -- kylerichtig

Sex is a great alternative to sitting back for another marathon of television watching. In fact, sex is better for you mind, body and soul than watching non-engaging TV programming.

Here are 10 reasons why you should look to your partner before the remote.

1. Sex is free

What better way to save money on your budget than through sex? Sex acts as both entertainment and time killer when you need it.

2. TV will not give you an orgasm

Masturbation does not count in this category. You may be one who can view television and sexualize the characters for your own masturbatory purposes. You do not have to worry about that when your partner is around.

3. TV body images may make you insecure

Many of the actors and actresses are pressured into maintaining unhealthy body images. While some may hold these individuals in high esteem, no one needs any additional body images stressors. Save money on therapy and have sex instead.

4. Sex secures bonds in your relationship.

Intimacy is the basis of a relationship. It needs to be strengthened with time if it is to endure.

5. Adventurous sex works your creative muscles

There are no rules in sex other than those you have agreed upon with your partner. Find ways you can exercise your creative muscles through new positions, role-play and wherever your mind takes you.

6. Sex burns calories

Dieting? Use sex as a way to burn calories and satisfy cravings. There is no guild in eating too much when you are having sex. Gorge yourself.

7. Return on investment for sex toys

Sex toys can be expensive. Ensure you are getting your money's worth from your sex toys by using them. Using your sex toys will give you a better sense of how to use them for your own needs. Sometimes there is a learning curve!

8. Sexual arousal suppresses pain

Your body naturally suppresses pain when you are aroused. Why sit in agony?

9. Watching television increases your carbon footprint

Watching TV uses electricity. Cut down your carbon footprint by replacing TV with sex.

10. Everyone can agree on what to do

There is no fighting over what to watch, unless you are including porn. Simplify by only including your bodies. Choosing sex over TV can go a long way to secure your relationship, flex your creative muscles and much more! Sex is the best free option for stress reduction and to kill time!

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Kyle Richtig is a Canadian writer of foundry pushing poetry and fiction. He is certified in personality assessment and sees sex as an endless buffet of options. Check out more about his projects at kylerichtig.com