Why Nice Guys Finish Last?

Why Nice Guys Finish Last?

Sun, 09/30/2012 - 15:00 -- zena

They say that the dating scene is not for nice guys but how can you tell? They say that women really like bad boys who swear, who rarely call them and who date other women behind their backs. They think that nice guys are too nice and thus, too boring to go on second dates. But is that really what most women want?

Honestly, perhaps there is truth in this so called myth. Although this might not be applicable for all women, there is still a huge possibility that these are the qualities that you need to possess in order to be desirable to the female population out there. So, what happens when nice guys aim to become their exact opposites? Most of them still end up failing miserably. Why? Well, that is because they are unnaturally like that thus, whatever changes they had to go through comes off as contrived. Many women know how to see through such disguises. In the end, they go back to their good-natured selves and end up respecting women more. Women, on the other hand, tell them that they just want to be friends. So, do nice guys truly finish last? As I have said earlier, this can be partially true.

Most women say that they want nice guys but in reality, what they want are great guys. There is a difference between someone who is too nice and somebody who has his own beliefs and principles. You cannot have those if you are too nice that people think that you are already their doormat. To women, they want guys who respect themselves like they respect others. Most nice guys would just agree to whatever their ladies tell them even to the extent that they already disregard their own opinions about many things. Sometimes saying no to you partner isn't exactly a turn off. It just means you know how to defend your own opinion and you are not afraid to share it with her. Many women appreciate that about their men. But nice guys fail to think about that. While being with a nice person only works if you are manipulative, the fact that you can easily control him only signifies that he doesn't have control over his own life as he lets others direct it. Apparently, Mr. Agreeable doesn't exactly mean Mr. Desirable. He never gets the girl as he always just thinks about her and not about what he wants. Sometimes having the initiative gets you further in love and in life. Another thing with being too agreeable is that you become boring in the process. Sometimes women want their men to take over the control in their relationship too. It might not be an every day responsibility but nonetheless, women want men who are dependable and who always have plans for everything. Women can't always decide for themselves. Otherwise, they never should have had relationships with their partners in the first place.

Women want men who they know are desirable to other women as well as the thought that they are with men who can actually choose others to be with him but decide to choose her instead is just sexy. Because nice guys are afraid of women leaving them, they do whatever their partner want to do and they just follow whatever they truly want. In the end, women think that their partners are not real men because of their lack of independence and leadership. How can other women desire men like that? How can they make their women stay with them in the first place? I am not implying that you need to be a complete douchebag in order to get the ladies. All I am saying that if you are too nice then do not expect women to flaunt all over you. Real men need to know where their lives are headed. They need to know what they truly want to achieve in life. They need to be able to stand up for what they truly believe in and they shouldn't be afraid to share their thoughts and opinions about many things to the women that they are attracted to. At the same time, they should have the balls to protect their partners as well as have the balls, to commit and change for them. Don't worry. If you have a nice heart, stick with it. Changing yourself just for another person shouldn't be your concern. If you want to change, change for yourself. I am sure at some point, you will find someone who love you. Don't aim to be nice. Aim to be better.

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