Understanding his Kissing Patterns

Understanding his Kissing Patterns

Fri, 03/01/2013 - 10:48 -- amber

Did you know that one can easily tell a lot from a simple kiss? Here are a few facts about kissing that you should know and probably borrow to ensure that you have a better sex life with your partner.

Enjoying a long and steamy kiss with your man could easily get him stimulated and ready to have sex. At such, lots of men initiate open mouth kissing as a way of transferring testosterone to their partner in order to get them amorous as well. If you feel that he is getting a little bit aggressive when sharing a kiss with you, don’t misunderstand it but instead take it positively and meet his needs. Grabbing on to his crotch while kissing stimulates him even more.

Kissing before, during and after sex is highly arousing since your lips contain hundreds of highly sensitive nerves that stimulates desire. Although most men have a higher kissing preference over women, enjoying his kisses could help increase the chances of you reaching your orgasm since by sharing a passionate kiss, there is an increase in heart beat leading to a higher blood pressure and flow that gets you more excited and ready for sex too.

Moreover, you can reciprocate the kisses by kissing him around his ears while sucking and playing with the tip of your tongue on his ear’s outline. This is an automatic turn on for him more especially if you whisper something naughty while doing so. As you kiss, ensure that you reduce the space between the two of you by bringing your body much closer to his so that he not only concentrates on kissing your lips but also other parts of your body that could get you turned on.

On the negative side, you need to be on the lookout just in case the passion previously expressed through the kisses starts diminishing. A simple kiss on the cheek could for instance be a sign that the passion is dying. You could better this by giving him more passionate kisses than he ever gave you. Also, show that you enjoy and love his kisses.

Unlike women, men are said to enjoy kisses which may lead to sex regardless as to whether one has a fresh smell or not. If the reason as to why you may switch off from his kisses is bad smell, you could politely ask him to brush his teeth or chew beforehand. It may be hard but it’s much better than having a kiss-less relationship.

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