Things That Women Love About Men

Things That Women Love About Men

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Every man wants to know what women truly want but do they actually know what women love about their men? Apparently, not all do. Most men are worried if they are doing things wrong and sometimes during the process of worrying, they fail to realize that they don't need to exert too much effort at times. For sometimes even the simple things go unnoticed to a woman's eyes. If you want to win a woman over then, here are some tips on what women love about men. Hopefully, this list will be enlightening enough for you.

She actually loves the fact that you are a man of a few words

Why? Well, to most women not talking much exudes an air of mystery around men which most women cannot resist. Secrets can be seductive especially to certain women. Although I am not saying that women find lying or cheating men attractive, all I am saying I that sometimes it is better for women not to have men who talk more than them. That is a complete turn off. Men are usually reserved when it comes to communicating about themselves or many other things. Women dig that and respect that. To women who have men who rarely speak in their lives, they see it as a challenge because since men rarely speak and they make that sudden connection with women, they suddenly feel like it is a match made in heaven. Most men cringe at the thought of being in long conversations but honestly, most women don't need all that. Just simple eye contact and gestures will do. Just as long as you send them out clearly and as often as you can. Such things show affection – simply hold her hand when she needs you or hug her when she needs one – all those gestures are enough to show that you care. Women have a unique way of looking at it especially since they think that most men are doers and not speakers.

Just simple eye contact and gestures will do

Some women like their men hairy

You might be laughing now but did you see some of the famous actors in Hollywood donning their chest and arm hair as thousands even millions of women flock around them and swoon over them? Think about it! Sure, nobody wants Mr. Bigfoot as a boyfriend or a as a husband but some hairy body parts are fine with women. Somehow scientifically it has been proven that there is a large number of women who are attracted to men with hairy body parts. Somehow some women think that having hair over one's body exudes the idea of good health and active hormones. This makes it a positive sign for mate selection. It might sound primal to you but aren't we animals to begin with? Sure, we are the highest form but still considered animals nonetheless. In my case, I like only certain hairy body parts. I like the fact that I have a husband who has a clean cut but has a little chest hair. Somehow it just shows that he might look like a clean, proper and decent guy but somehow he can unleash a beast or a primitive caveman inside of him which somehow excites me.

Believe it or not, some women love some men's unnatural connection or attachment to sport or any other “harmless” hobby that they might have

Maybe your girlfriend or your wife doesn't really show it but honestly, they do think that it is better for you and your other friends to dig such things. She would understand it more because she knows that it truly is a part of your nature – a guy thing. Although she might not be into whatever you like or love, she somehow feels happy to see you emotional over something. She would rather see you emotional over something than not to see you mushy at all. Somehow it gives her a glimpse of your soft side. Although some women have actually seen their partners' soft sides throughout their relationships, some men are a bit uptight when it comes to their feelings. Some men don't really show how sensitive they truly are which is why most women thread this area cautiously.

Some men don't really show how sensitive they truly are which is why most women thread this area cautiously

Of course, she loves it when you act tough

Sure enough, women like men who are tough and those who act like they are tough. While some women think that they can handle themselves, nothing beats the knight in shining armour saving the damsel in distress act. Let's face it. Most women want their men with bad boy qualities. There is no room for Mr Nice Guy all the time. Nice Guys do finish last in this race although not all women will admit it and not all men would like it. Somehow women like it when men go primal and trust their instincts. Being protective of them shows how much they value them as their lovers, wives, mistresses and so on. Women like to be taken cared of even when they don't actually say it. Somehow it makes women feel girly. Yes, it is a big turn on. Just don't go over board or she'll start thinking you are stalking her or going obsessive over her. Don't do something too disrespectful or dangerous. There will always be limits to these kinds of things. Women need excitement in their lives and men can actually give it to them. They just need to know how to.

Women love artistic men

This I have to agree with. Think about it. How many artists have been inspired by different women? How many of these women were willing to become their muses? Well, not all artists have big pay checks but somehow their creativity exudes sexiness – something that most women cannot resist. Whether you are a writer, a singer, a dancer, a painter – anything art related – most women find that kind of lifestyle alluring. When a man shows passion toward a certain art form, women find him interesting. Women think that these men live lives that so parallel from other people's mundane existences. But you don't have to be a starving artist to actually appeal to women. All I'm saying is, you can be a successful man with a good high paying job and have interest in music or in art on the side and still get the lady. All I am saying is that creativity wins the girl – no matter how big or small it is.

Creativity exudes sexiness – something that most women cannot resist


This might not be something that you aim for as a man but did you know that some women actually like their men geeky? Whether you are into video or computer games, the latest gadgets or anything technology related, name it women love it. Sure, women might not love the same things that you love but at least to them, showing them these things show your intelligence. Women dig intelligence. Since most women don't know much about these things, it is time for you and the rest of the men to actually educate her about them. Most men might feel scared to share what they are passionate about to their partners which are simply wrong. Know when and where you should talk about these things. Men are lucky if they find partners who actually share the same mind set or passion as they do but just the same, men should not feel limited to express themselves especially regarding something that they are really interested in.

So, it doesn't matter if you don't look good or you don't have enough cash in your wallet, sometimes the little things matter more. Men just need to keep their eyes open and to know whether some things are actually sexy to women or not. If men are truly from Mars and women are from Venus then I don't see any point in trying to understand each other because we are from two different planets all together. But if I see that men and women are like opposites sides to a magnet then there is a chance for a connection right there. Understanding how women think might be difficult but it is worth a try.

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