Should a Girl Ask A Guy Out?

Should a Girl Ask A Guy Out?

Tue, 02/26/2013 - 10:56 -- maiya

Can a girl ask a guy out is a new speculation among people and there are different views on it. Some guys think we are not in a dark age anymore; it’s sexy, it shows the risk taking and bold nature of women and they should do it more often while some think that it’s a turn off and if a guy is not asking you out first it means he is not interested in going out with you. The discussion is steamy and there is not a one answer to it. The feelings and emotions of girls are same as of boys. When they like someone, they also want to share some time with the guy they like and want to ask them out and they can definitely do it. However, a girl should not do it until and unless she is out of other options because guys always likes to go after what they like and can go to any extent for it. If you will ask a guy out he might say yes to you and you might put off pressure from him of asking you out first, but then he will not value you in a way he would have valued you when he would have asked you out.

Guys and girls are different in many ways especially when it comes to relationships. Girls might be very innocent, sweet and honest and asks a guy out but guys have this bad habit of bragging in friends and be the coolest among his circle to satisfy his ego and he might not care how sweet you are and he should feel lucky and value you that you have enough courage to take the first step but instead of thinking like that most of the guys think I m so charming and I can get any girl and it puts the girl in a needy position, easy to get making a boy super doper hero among his friends and social circle.

Girls can ask a guy out and things might turn into a long term happy relationship but in most cases this pattern doesn’t work, guys don’t see how nice a girl is instead they think they can have any girl he point at. Some guys say that they love it and find it very appealing when girls ask them out, it shows how confident she is. Still it is recommended that girl instead of asking a guy out should give him some clues, and if she gets back the clue make your guy to ask you out and if he doesn’t then it means he is not interested until and unless he is very shy and introvert kind of person. If this is the case that the guy you like is shy and it’s hard for him to express then you take the charge otherwise try not to be the first in asking a guy out.

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